Friday, 14 November 2014

She's ALIVE, I tell you!

Hey world, how the fuck are you?

I've been physically absent from my blog life for quite some time, but she's been on my mind many, many, MANY times over the past couple of years.

So very much has happened - it may eventually leak out here.

Suffice to say, for now, LIFE LIFE LIFE more LIFE and then some more LIFE and even now, LIFE.

Today, some kind of wiring in my bad, sad, mad, old brain got a voltage hit and sparked me to do something utterly bonkers - especially for someone who has been hibernating, sheltering and avoiding participation for so long.

Let me explain...
The magnificent Eden at Edenland has had an arsewipe of a stinkfest of a time with the supreme piece of cuntarsery being the suicide of her beloved brother, Cameron.

Eden has bled and revealed her entire innards to us all and allowed us to travel alongside her as she confronts the bastard that is grief.

About a month ago she put up the most heart-stabbingly, gut-wrenchingly pain-laidenly glorious post and included herself lip synching to all of the songs about all of the feelings.
here it is: the first annual international lip synching competition

She also called for her readers, followers and supporters to join her and just fucking do it!

Throw caution to the wind, pick a song, lip synch and let go.

Then release it...put it out there...give not a flying fuck.

So, I did.

I may have filthy hair, I may not have showered in a few days, I may have flyaway, crazy greys, BUT I do have my lips on. Because Molly (my beloved Grandmother) would be very concerned about my state of mind, if I went out in public without my lips on.

One take, no edit, missed cues and stuff ups included.

To and for you Eden - you are one incredible, fierce, fabulous, full-on, frank and fantastic woman.
(alliteration - just for you)

Thank-you for letting us along for the ride and for inspiring me to get out of bed and participate.

Contessa lipsyncs "Cheated Hearts" for #edenland from michele borghesi on Vimeo.