Friday, 2 November 2012

Collecting (Borderline Hoarding) My Style

Those who know me, know I have a lot of "stuff".
I have a VERY hard time de-stuffing.
We have a lot of hidden roof-space storage in this house - luckily.
I have no idea why I can't let go, I have never given away or let go of an ornament, a book, a piece of crockery, a print or framed item, but I have regularly culled clothes and shoes and I regret it.
Oh, the times I've regretted getting rid of things that come back in to fashion!
I keep things, not everything, but things that mean something or stir some irrational "must haveness" way down inside.
I have EVERY. SINGLE. card and letter and school note, given/sent/passed to me since I was about 7 yrs old.
Nothing better than tipping them all out on to my bed on a rainy day and seeing all the beautiful handwriting from my (now deceased) older relatives and all the hilarious, youthful school notes and letters from friends.

Here's a peek at some of my stuff.

Iconography corner

Rosey crockerywith old cotton reels

Custom made side table and stuff

Collection on the side table
Off-spring created garden ornaments from about 13 years ago.

My "special" linen collection. I have a stripey addiction.

Vintage jars

You can never have enough colour ways

Mis-matched Rosey Set

Mr I's stuff

Mr I's cameras and lensey things

Ye olde shavers? Why not?

Cutesy Japenalia

Rosey Coffee Set

Label tampering by me, MANY moons ago and I CAN NOT throw it out

Birds and (plastic) roses
Coffee, Tea and Bambis

What about you? Are you a "collector" too?

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happiness is a Warm.....Pet

Things are on the improve.

Lately, I've been able to see and acknowledge the light almost as much as the dark.

We have a new furry kid, four all-up now. Frank and Mabel - our cats, Bob and now Maude - our scruffy dogs.

I have a thing for naming my pets as if they were residents of an old folks home. No idea why, it just feels right. Before this lot we had Harry, Merle and Joyce.

Maude's a nutcase (Jack Russel X Maltese) and still in puppy mode - a cheeky, bouncy, prancy, little, ginger and white spunk.

The rest of the menagerie has adopted her and are all *tolerating* her antics.
Crankenstein (Frank) is clearly still Top Cat and has let her know with numerous stare downs and hissy-swipes.

Bob's being his calm, patient, tolerant self. Although, when she took a flying leap and landed on him as he slept in his inside-bed, he gave her a deep, short, sharp, growly snap and she hasn't dared try it again.

Yes, it means we are tied down and can't do spontaneous stuff and feeding, cleaning, de-fleaing, worming and washing their bedding are thankless chores, but their presence, alive-ness and personalities are calming, distracting and worth it all.

Too funny, after all the years of kid-wrangling, here we are with a gang of (almost as labour intensive) surrogate, furry ones!

During the many times when I am home alone, if I chat to them and pat and watch them - I can feel  tension and stress leave my body and my mind switches off all the noisy chatter.

Stand Off

Frank and Mabel = Yin and Yang

Anxious Bobby aware of Crankenstein behind him!

Exhausted little Maude