Sunday, 4 March 2012

High School - Words and Pictures

I am joining in with Ms Pip and the gang over at Meet Me At Mikes today for the Words and Pictures meme.

I have never been a morning person and I doubt very much that I ever will be.

For me, waking up early makes me feel like my body is up and about but my brain is still sound asleep on the pillow...for hours!

So, luckily for me, we lived across the road from my school from Grade 5 until the end of my school days.

I could just roll out of bed, grumpily, at 8.45am, pick my uniform up off the floor, pop it on, head downstairs, grab some toast and then off I went, just in time for assembly. Showers always happened at the end of a school day.

We had an above-ground Clark pool and would often sneak home with friends at lunchtimes, in Summer, for a dip.

Here's a photo of me with one of my besties on one of those hot, Summer lunchtime dip days. (that's me on the left)

Our rules for the wearing of our school uniform were:

Summer dress - HITCH it up

Summer cardigan - shrink it or swap with a prep girl for a teeny one

Long , white socks - push or fold down to become ankle socks

Winter tights - hitch and hitch those saggy buggers up all day long