Friday, 4 November 2011

Glorious Garden Surprises

Today is a pretty speccy day in my part of the world.
Sparkly and sunshiney and not too hot.

I watered for about an hour and a half with the hose and a watering can and it was calming and simple and meditative.

I made two discoveries.

First, yet another weeny wildflower that I have not come across before, growing through-out the grassy parts our block.

Snow white and starry with a delicate pink centre.

Second, in my vegie patch, which has still to be weeded and re-stocked for Summer, a whole pack of what looked to be poppies have been growing. They are SO incredibly tall and I have no idea how they got there!

Today, I noticed some of the gazzillion buds had opened to reveal the most spectacular, show-offey, deep pink, frilly, ballerina-tutu like poppies I have ever seen.

A gorgeous day in the bush and a pretty good day in my head