Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Up, Down, Good, Bad

Warning :: Misery Me Musings to follow

This year has been one hell of a humongous challenge, in my head most of the time and actually for a fair bit of the time.

We have had a lot, LOT, not go our way.

Many of the situations we find ourselves dealing with are universal - family fragilities, paying the bills, finding work and many of them, when gazed upon from the positive side of the viewfinder, are decidely "1st" world problems - bad investments, expanding debt, extreme job dissatisfaction, commuting time and money costs, money-pit home ownership issues blah blah blah...

My headspace is not helping. I am viewing everything through charcoal-coloured glasses rather than the rosey ones I would prefer.

I so admire those members of the human race born with the happiness switch. Those who are able to work at being happy until it infuses their daily lives without even trying.

My happiness switch is faulty, dodgy to-the-core and badly wired. It allows the negative stuff in way too easily. I try hard to tackle the negative energy super-force field with everything I've got, but often I haven't got much to throw at it and 97 times out of 100 I lose.

Tomorrow is my birthday

I am trying to focus all my energies in to making this a GOOD thing
The ageing battle is a doozy
My body is feeling and showing it
My brain is fighting it every step of the way

I have a monster battle on my hands as Mr negative pants, party pooper, downward digging, don't-forget-the-bad-stuff, part of my psyche is doing it's darndest to be the ultimate killjoy

Here is the GOOD...

I am alive
Apart from normal, ageing issues, I am healthy
I can read and write
I can dance and sing (sort of)
I can laugh and cry
I have a car
I have access to fresh water, free energy, plentiful foodstuffs
I have healthy, independent, beautiful offspring
I have an amazing, calm, supportive, hard-working, caring and loving partner
I live in a spectacular location surrounded only by the beauty and sounds of natural bushlands
We live in our own home
I have made new friends here in Fryerstown

As I finish writing these good points down, I have come to the conclusion that I will NOT write down the BAD

If I start, I know I will be here for hours

I wish there was a vacuum cleaner for the headspace...

pop the tube in my ear and suck all that negativity right outa there
Leave it sparkling clean, shiny and ready to fill with peace, joy and acceptance

Reflecting with iPad, pj's, on a Saturday afternoon = GOOD

Older, blotchier, crinklier, decolletage = Not so GOOD

Fryerstown neighbour and his serene horse popped in for a coffee = GOOD

Floppy, saggy, tissue-paper, swinging chicken wings = Not so GOOD

A beautiful, surprise find amongst our blooming artichokes, Mr Froggy = GOOD

How are things with you? Up or Down, Good or Bad?


  1. Something amazing must be coming your way hermosa.. Good or bad- you will always be more grouse than anyone xx

  2. darling Feisty......u are one of the loveliest deepest thinkers around.
    and um excuse me saying but one heck of a gorgeous one at that!!! Did you know that not one of us can see the older, blotchier decolletage or the chicken wings....we can't see past those AMAZOID green eyes & that divine love filled smile!
    the big picture you paint is a lovely one indeed as you know......
    but when the black dog is biting at your heels anyone with any idea of what that means understands that it ain't as easy as just popping on the rosy coloured sunnies you have in your drawer when your charcoal ones seem stuck on....
    if it were that easy you would be wearing them.
    bless you and your gorgeous feisty ways lovely.
    keep writing.

  3. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, love your honesty.

  4. Happy birthday, darling.

    You forgot: "I have a matching set of tabbies" on the AWESOME list.


  5. It's all a little bit joy in my corner of late... we all age, we are all every age we have ever been. Mostly I choose to be a kid.

    best wishes

  6. oh enough already - i've seen pictures of you and you are gorgeous!!

  7. Hi, I have just ended up here and it is nice to find a new blog to peruse. I just had to let you know I laughed out loud at the captions under your photos - esp the bat wing arms. I have the same. Oh well. Happy days anyway!!


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