Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Fryerstown Folly & Garbage Gardening

So, it is done.
The pergola of all pergolas.

I showed you it's early days a couple of posts back and here is the finished beast.
Originally, we were not going to go with the curvy, light fittings on top, but then thought "why the hell not?" It's bonkers already, so we just made it more so.

We don't, as yet, have light fittings, but they are wired up for the day (let's be honest here...most likely never) when we find the right ones.

I have planted four wisteria "alba" at the base of the poles and fingers crossed, they will be scrambling up the insane 10-metre high wire/pole contraptions in no time.

I have also been throwing things in to the garden.
When I say garden I mean cleared bits of central Victorian bush with rock hard clay soil.

I've also been scavenging stuff. Like old wire mattress inners, ancient corrugated iron water tanks, rusty fruit dipping baskets and banged-up washing machine drums. They are being born again as garden screens, a new vegie-garden bed and garden pots and containers.

The whole garden design/plan/sketch/drawing thing just doesn't work for me.
I really am an incalcitrant, against-the-rules, type of gal.

Actually, there is so much to be done, that I just cannot visualise it and quite frankly, we just don't have the cash.
So I just plant things.
I place pots, move them around, move them again and then eventually in they go.
I hunt out reduced-to-clear, pot-bound plants and trees and help myself to cuttings almost everywhere I go.

Mostly I ask. If there is no-one to ask, I just nip of a tip from a plant so you can barely tell : )

Here are some snaps of how it's all coming along.


  1. you have already done so very much to stamp that Feisty stamp of yours on your amazing piece of bush Wonderland.
    It looks ACE!
    I L O V E the pergola- absolutely L O V E it!
    Such a clever idea.

  2. Oh my god ..... YOUR HOUSE! My husband is going to have a fit when he sees it. He has a thing for colourbond! x


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