Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Stuff of Faerie Tales

Yesterday, my friend Gail and I took our dogs for a long walk through the bush.

It was incredibly peaceful and a joy to wander for hours without seeing another soul.

The Spring wildflower show is beginning and after all the rains of earlier this year it is truly spectacular.

Everything around this part of Central Victoria Is normally dry and crunchy, but this year it's all so lush and verdant and mesmerisingly beautiful.

It really enlivens me seeing all the gorgeous native plants springing to life and wandering through the bush accompanied by all sorts of flitting and fossicking birds and the orchestra of frogs.

Today we headed down a new track we came across, and after much up-hill and down-dale behaviour we came across a gate with a "private property" sign. This was no deterrent to me as there was no "keep out" sign! So, in we went.

I decided, if anyone was there, I would just introduce myself as their neighbour from down the track, "just passing, thought I'd drop in".

We walked down the driveway and then turned the corner to see a magical, higgledy piggledy two-storey, stone cottage with a tower and high curvy stone walls and rambling plants. All overlooking a large, frog-filled, deep, dam full of reflections.

No-one was there. We wandered around exploring for over an hour. It was bliss.

We were enchanted.

It really did feel like the stuff of faerie tales and Nursery Rhymes - the Gingerbread House or the Crooked Man and his Crooked House.

It was one of the most surprising and delightful things to have happened to me in a long time.

I felt a child-like awe and such a pure sense of joy at our magical discovery.

I half expect to go back there and find it has disappeared.

If I can't find it ever again, at least we took photos.
Here they are.

In the bottom of the tower through that red door is the shower!



  1. It looks like a Tuscan villa....the Australian wildflowers the only give away.
    How amazing!

  2. What an exciting discovery! That really is of a fairytale...I would love to live somewhere like that! I wonder if there was a nice old lady inside, happy to let you explore while she made jam and played with the cat :)

    Xx Claire

  3. Leonie Lovell/Guiney8 September 2011 at 22:41

    Oh Michele, it is like going back to ones childhood. I am so sure the Magic Faraway Tree is in the garden somewhere with all the wonderful adventures that went with it as well. Just perfect xoxox


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