Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stormy Weather and Wanderings

Just spent a weekend in Brisbane with a fabulous long-term friend for birthday celebrations.
Imbibed. Relaxed. Laughed. Pondered. Wandered.
A much needed break, freshen-up and change of scenery and pace.
I had been feeling very stuck and stale.
Not being a hot, humid-weather type, we were indeed blessed with wonderful weather, mild and only a wee bit of humidity with cooling evening breezes.
Home again.
Yesterday, we had a humongous storm.
Black skies at 3pm on a Spring afternoon - everything in navy blue, darkness.
Then came the crashing, cracking, rolling, grumbling, house shaking, deafening snaps of lightening and thunder.
And the fat, pounding rain.
What a spectacular show.
I loved every second of it.
Safe in my house with tin roof and walls rattling and shuddering.
Bob, our dog, however was terrified, shaking, panting and miserable and wanted to hide but just kept wandering around with anxious eyes pleading for it all to stop.

I could feel the power and the energy and the force all around me, so magnificent.

More wandering through the Central Goldfields bush, where Spring is putting on another glorious wildflower show. Plants that have lain dormant during years of dry, crunchy weather have all come to life after all the rains earlier this year. I feel so lucky to be able to wander in such a soul refreshing environment observing nature at it's cleverest.

Salmon with dill, watercress, goats cheese and capers a la Brisvegas

3pm stormy darkness from my bed with cats

Fryerstown wandering


Gorgeous grevillea

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