Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Lovely Things for my Brain

Today, I am posting a few of the things I have been looking at that help me linger longer on the shinier side of my mind.

The dark, dank, miserable side has been with me, a lot, lately.

While frittering away hours on the interweb can leave me guilt ridden for avoiding all the other things, practical things, boring things I need to do and am clearly avoiding, it does turn up some amazing stuff.

But, sometimes my head gets overwhelmed by how many talented writers, artists, crafts-people, journalists, educators, thinkers and incredibly gifted people there are on this planet. I can be left with feelings of worthlessness and overloaded with just way TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

Do you find that?

I wish I could be content with my life, a simple life. I wish I could stop the comparison game. Sadly, my crazily wired up brain just finds it almost impossible to work that way.

I love to look and find, even if sometimes it does. my. head. in.

Here are a few things of whimsy and bringing me some joy...

Diane Katsiaficas

Divine Christening Gown from Kelly Gardner

Wonderful Wire Frocks from Karen Searle

lilac weeping rosemary at our place

goldfields purple rosemary - grows everywhere up here, including our place
stunning mintbush in Spring-flower at our place

Whilst writing this, I have been listening to and loving Zola Jesus and her moody, broody vocals.

Even though Spring is the harbinger of Summer with it's stinky, hot, crisp-everything-up temperatures and threat of bushfire...I must pay her her dues.

Thank-you Spring for the unfurling of new life and possibilities.


  1. ooo I love a bit of frockery!
    This post reminds me of our Tassie trip earlier in the year when the festival was on.
    We saw the MOST amazing lighting exhibit that was all through the Botanic Gardens and was only open at night. The most outstanding exhibit by far was of lit dresses.....so unbelievably captivating.

  2. your brain is lovely....that is why you can distract it with these lovely things.
    Not so lovely brains are incapable of SEEING the loveliness.
    Yes....stop comparing.
    You are JUST right as you are.


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