Thursday, 29 September 2011

Stormy Weather and Wanderings

Just spent a weekend in Brisbane with a fabulous long-term friend for birthday celebrations.
Imbibed. Relaxed. Laughed. Pondered. Wandered.
A much needed break, freshen-up and change of scenery and pace.
I had been feeling very stuck and stale.
Not being a hot, humid-weather type, we were indeed blessed with wonderful weather, mild and only a wee bit of humidity with cooling evening breezes.
Home again.
Yesterday, we had a humongous storm.
Black skies at 3pm on a Spring afternoon - everything in navy blue, darkness.
Then came the crashing, cracking, rolling, grumbling, house shaking, deafening snaps of lightening and thunder.
And the fat, pounding rain.
What a spectacular show.
I loved every second of it.
Safe in my house with tin roof and walls rattling and shuddering.
Bob, our dog, however was terrified, shaking, panting and miserable and wanted to hide but just kept wandering around with anxious eyes pleading for it all to stop.

I could feel the power and the energy and the force all around me, so magnificent.

More wandering through the Central Goldfields bush, where Spring is putting on another glorious wildflower show. Plants that have lain dormant during years of dry, crunchy weather have all come to life after all the rains earlier this year. I feel so lucky to be able to wander in such a soul refreshing environment observing nature at it's cleverest.

Salmon with dill, watercress, goats cheese and capers a la Brisvegas

3pm stormy darkness from my bed with cats

Fryerstown wandering


Gorgeous grevillea

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Stuff of Faerie Tales

Yesterday, my friend Gail and I took our dogs for a long walk through the bush.

It was incredibly peaceful and a joy to wander for hours without seeing another soul.

The Spring wildflower show is beginning and after all the rains of earlier this year it is truly spectacular.

Everything around this part of Central Victoria Is normally dry and crunchy, but this year it's all so lush and verdant and mesmerisingly beautiful.

It really enlivens me seeing all the gorgeous native plants springing to life and wandering through the bush accompanied by all sorts of flitting and fossicking birds and the orchestra of frogs.

Today we headed down a new track we came across, and after much up-hill and down-dale behaviour we came across a gate with a "private property" sign. This was no deterrent to me as there was no "keep out" sign! So, in we went.

I decided, if anyone was there, I would just introduce myself as their neighbour from down the track, "just passing, thought I'd drop in".

We walked down the driveway and then turned the corner to see a magical, higgledy piggledy two-storey, stone cottage with a tower and high curvy stone walls and rambling plants. All overlooking a large, frog-filled, deep, dam full of reflections.

No-one was there. We wandered around exploring for over an hour. It was bliss.

We were enchanted.

It really did feel like the stuff of faerie tales and Nursery Rhymes - the Gingerbread House or the Crooked Man and his Crooked House.

It was one of the most surprising and delightful things to have happened to me in a long time.

I felt a child-like awe and such a pure sense of joy at our magical discovery.

I half expect to go back there and find it has disappeared.

If I can't find it ever again, at least we took photos.
Here they are.

In the bottom of the tower through that red door is the shower!


Lovely Things for my Brain

Today, I am posting a few of the things I have been looking at that help me linger longer on the shinier side of my mind.

The dark, dank, miserable side has been with me, a lot, lately.

While frittering away hours on the interweb can leave me guilt ridden for avoiding all the other things, practical things, boring things I need to do and am clearly avoiding, it does turn up some amazing stuff.

But, sometimes my head gets overwhelmed by how many talented writers, artists, crafts-people, journalists, educators, thinkers and incredibly gifted people there are on this planet. I can be left with feelings of worthlessness and overloaded with just way TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

Do you find that?

I wish I could be content with my life, a simple life. I wish I could stop the comparison game. Sadly, my crazily wired up brain just finds it almost impossible to work that way.

I love to look and find, even if sometimes it does. my. head. in.

Here are a few things of whimsy and bringing me some joy...

Diane Katsiaficas

Divine Christening Gown from Kelly Gardner

Wonderful Wire Frocks from Karen Searle

lilac weeping rosemary at our place

goldfields purple rosemary - grows everywhere up here, including our place
stunning mintbush in Spring-flower at our place

Whilst writing this, I have been listening to and loving Zola Jesus and her moody, broody vocals.

Even though Spring is the harbinger of Summer with it's stinky, hot, crisp-everything-up temperatures and threat of bushfire...I must pay her her dues.

Thank-you Spring for the unfurling of new life and possibilities.

Monday, 5 September 2011

PerGOALa or Per-golla?

So we have a "project" happening at our bush hide-away and to us, it's a perGOALa. To others it's a per-golla. Either way, it's going to be a monster which-ever of those you prefer.

Part of our house faces West and even though this wall has no windows, it still heats up like a furnace in Summer.

Something drastic needs to be done to shade this wall and tree planting close to the house is not an option for fire risk reasons. Luckily for us, some of our lovely locals, Matt and his partner, Anna, have an amazing business building, extending and renovating using recycled everything. Pumphouse Design and Building.They have over an acre piled high with all sorts of reclaimed STUFF: windows, joists, beams, timbers, frames, bricks, all sorts of metal bits etc etc etc.

When I was taking Bobby for a walk, a few months back, I walked past his collection and saw a stack of galvanised iron street light poles and my mind went in to over-drive at the possibilities.

Contact was made, discussions were had and a plan was made.

We are popping three, 9-metre high, street lights in front of this (burnt orangey) wall, in an arc, and will be stringing cable between each of them.Then, I am going to plant glorious, pendulous, show-offey, white wisteria to ramble up them. Hopefully, they won't cark it and the blossoms will be a yearly spectacular.

This week, the concrete footings were poured in to massive holes and tomorrow the poles go up!

Work starting on the post holes
Digger digging

This hole is about One and a half metes deep!

Our street light poles - soon to be a pergola

Magnificent white wisteria. Fingers crossed ours will look this speccy.

Hope it will look as fab as it does in my head.
I'll keep you posted.