Saturday, 27 August 2011

Techno-Machinery Issues and a Nutshell

Our p.c. recently curled up its millions of cables and died.
Just. Stopped. Working. Black screen, nada, zip, zilch, niente.

I consider myself to be (as with motor vehicles), a pretty-dam-good driver of a computer. Also, against type, I have an excellent sense of direction and CAN read maps!

I have no understanding, on a cellular level, of HOW a car actually WORKS, but I know how to drive it. I have a manual car because I like to drive and I don't like cruise control because to me, that's all about NOT controlling your car or paying sufficient attention.

I know, that if I had been taught, shown or included in discussions and explanations about cars, as my synapses were connecting and forming in the mechanical-understanding section of my brain, I would totally "get" how all the bits under the bonnet and that form the vehicle itself, work. But, as I was born with a vagina, I was not privy to that form of upbringing.

Now, where were we? Oh Yeah, the computer situation...
I can whizz around the interwebby and within numerous software programs with considerate ease. If I come up against something I can't understand or can't make work, I Google it and teach myself.

When I was frustrated with the blog designs offered as standard on Blogger, I taught myself some basic HTML and redesigned my blog. I do not know HOW HTML works or what it means or stands for, (and I don't WANT to know) I just know that once you learn to use it you can make it change how things look on your blog.

I see and read lots of stuff online about making your blog more successful by playing around in the back-end (Ooo Vicar!) and checking all your dooverlacky and thing-a-me-jig registrations and hits and bots and dots. As well as tricks and tips for getting found and tagged and and and...
But, just thinking about any of it, makes. my. brain. ache.
See? All tekky I am. Yep.

So, when the p.c. up and "dieded", I did heed the advice of so many, who for SOOOOO long had said "get thee to a MAC and never ever look back"

As I have developed a clear and possibly, unhealthy addiction to my wondrous iPad, I knew I would be fine in Apple-land and last week I went out and bought us a schoochzshee and fabulous iMac.

Talk about your jumping from left brain to right brain and wondering WHY the fuck it took me so long.

I now have a cardboard box, with the old p.c., monitor, 973 cables, speakers/ speaker wires, camera, mouse and keyboard sitting forlornly inside, awaiting its fate (the tip shop? or the op. shop?)

May I just observe, that the iMac is one hell of a gorgeous, sleek, glamorama, self-contained, GENIE with just ONE PLUG?.
I am NEVER going back.
And you know what?
The poor old p.c. seems so very Howardy Liberal and rear-view vision-ey whilst my iMac and iPad are so very Keating in a sparkly, sharp, snazzily-visionary kinda way.

As well as this wonderful world of Appleyness, I have had a pretty good week.

In a very large nutshell...

I found my favourite sunnies, that I have had for 15 years and NEVER lost before. I had looked for days, in, on, under everything and everywhere in my home, car, garden EVERYWHERE. It made no sense because the reason I have never lost them before is that I always, reapeat ALWAYS put them in their case OR in the bowl inside the front door if I am not actually wearing them. I had given up and felt a wee bit sad over the loss of these, my favourite of favouritest sunglasses. However, today, I popped on my trusty old jacket, which I have also had for a gazzillion yonks and there, IN THE POCKET, were my beautiful old faithfuls. I have no memory, at all, on ANY level of putting them there. It makes no sense. I have now resigned myself to the fact that I am simply losing my mind and that the AGEING nightmare is with me in earnest. Oh YAY and YIPPEE umm NOT.

I saw the magnificent Ms Clare Bowditch in her brilliant show in dedication to Ms Eva Cassidy, I may or may not have shed a happy tear or two over how wonderful it was.

I DID eat a perfect old-school lasagne in the kitchen at Pelligrini's.

I DID get my nails painted a glossy and cheery turquoise at the hilarious "Hello darling, pick a colour" Elwood Nails.

I DID pop along with my dear friend Dottore Lloyd to a taping of The Tuesday Night Book Club and Jennifer interviewed the thoughtful and engaging Christos Tsiolkas. Talk about your brain stimulation 1A right there!

Mr I and I did have a delectable dinner with and prepared by the gorgeous Gourmet Girlfriend. It was indeed a joy and a pleasure to be with her and her divine family.

I did reconnect with an adored and much loved, very special someone and a big, black cloud moved off my horizon.

Here's a pictorial grab-bag of some the highlights of my past week or so.

Castlemaine on a glorious late Winter's Day
Chocolate pavlova ingredients

The final result of my chocolate pavlova, using Nigella's recipe

Two gorgeous cushions from the lovely Peta Pledger

My old favourites, lost then found

Chocolate croissant, cup of tea and new reading pleasures on the terrace.

All-in-all, a very good week.


  1. Aaaaaaaah Keating and have I never made that analogy?! i LOVE it! I miss him......
    So glad you had a good week.
    Even gladder I was a part of it.

  2. Dear Anonymous
    I accidentally deleted your comment instead of publishing it! Talk about your irony. Sorry. Would you mind, going again?


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