Saturday, 30 July 2011

Quick and Naughty

If I just can't be arsed making lunch, this is my sneaky and quick way around that dilemma

Today, the ring-pull thingy snapped off and I had to resort to the can opener.
We have one of those "of recent times" ones that takes off the entire top of the can.
Problem is, neither Mr I or I can drive the stupid bastardy thing.
We have had it for years and it always takes us about 5 minutes of farnarckling to make it work!
Do you have that problem too or is it just us?


  1. HA HA!!!
    I use one of those too.
    I like it better and find it easier to use....but it broke last week and I bought a replacement & one of the ol' fashioned ones just in case!

  2. Thanks for not mentioning my gourmet culinary slackness! But I do love 'em for a quick lunch, with the fresh parsley and a good smattering of black pepper on a doorstop of sourdough.


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