Saturday, 9 July 2011

Filling in the Gaps

My brain has had a massive attack of the sludges over the past few months
Severe and chronic Procrastinits Bigtimus
I have thought about my blog daily and that time-wasting, old emotion, guilt has tortured me constantly
Yet the act of "doing" has truly been a monster effort
Why is it then, that I can dissolve hours and hours on the interwebby and comment away daily on other blogs, as well as fritter on Twitter and frolic on Facebook?
And it's not as if blog neglect is my only sin, consider the following list:
Pap smear
Floor cleaning
Clean fridge
Shower/wash hair
Hanging all my art/prints/photos (we have been here for 9 mths)
Get the sewing machine fixed
Make the things I have bought materials for
Finish off at least ONE of the crocheting things I have started
Ring friends on the telephone and TALK to them old-school style
Plant the many things in pots waiting to be planted in my garden
Exercise or walk for at least 1 hour each day
Read one of the 60 or so books I have bought in the last few years that stare at me from the bookshelf
Sort out my wardrobe and cull
Put the tons of stuff that is ready to go on Ebay ON Ebay
and PAINT - the thing I have procrastinated about the longest (YEARS and YEARS)
and on and on and on and on
I DID, finally start a painting a few days ago (YAY to me), spent most of one day on it...and there it sits GLARING at me, unfinished

Life has been going on regardless. Perhaps I should just show you a visual gallery of some of the things that have been happening and that I have found to fascinate and absorb me online

My Name is Michele Borghesi and I am a SLOTH

My little house in the forest

One of my favourite places in the world

The spectacular Hakea Laurina

Mistress Mabel trying to get me OFF that damned thing

Gustav Klimpt and cat

A small sample of my iconography addiction

Bag Lady Mabel

Harry Dean Stanton and cat

Baked Golden organic carrots with garlic, onions, EVOO, lemon and thyme

Baked eggplant and beans with EVOO and Italian herbs

Bobby, wintry sun-soaking

Miss Piggy and Kermit do Annie Hall

1972, The George Hotel St Kilda

Miss Chloe Grace (in blue) Styling the pants off the other Miss Burlesque S.A. contestants

Frank and Mabel spooning fireside

Autumnal glory Fryerstown style

The start of a rug

Castlemaine State Festival offering

Pondering at Buda Castlemaine

Clouds at Venus Bay

More Autumnal magnificence


  1. Hello! Don't feel bad, I blog often but still manage to neglect your entire list too. There's more important things in life I think. Gorgeous pics. I keep forgetting you've moved and visualise you in Tas when I read your tweets. Welcome to the mainland, I hope you are happy where you've landed.

  2. Lovely Kate, We LOVE it here in Fryerstown and Castlemaine is fabulous. I drove down and got some of your lovely garlic bulbis a few months back, but you were not there...your fab farm boy was though. Hope all the planning and finishing touches are going well for your big adventure!

  3. That 'illness' must be contagious because I have it too!


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