Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Well, the Quince paste-a-thon is over.
I made two large batches and being a novice it involved a bit of trial and error.

Maggie Beer and Stephanie Alexander, two doyennes of Australian cooking, don't share the same basic recipe, so that threw me.

The first batch I made with skins on, simmered, blended then cooked on a low heat, with a simmer-mat, in a large cast-iron pot. It took 5 hours for the colour to turn to a deepish orange.

I was happy with the result, although it was a little grainy.

The second batch, was skins off and I cooked this lot for almost 8 hours (!) using the same method as before and got the batch to a much richer, darker colour.

The first batch, early on...

1st batch after a couple of hours...

Final result of the first batch...

Final result of the 2nd batch

And...We are still collecting tomatoes! What a crazy old season it's been.

I am adoring the sublime Autumn weather we are having here in Central Victoria, cool chilly evenings - perfect for sleeping and lighting the fire and magnificent daytimes with the low-slung sun gorgeous and sparkly and perfect temperatures in the low 20's.

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