Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Arranging Stuff

Six months in to our new life here in the bush in Fryerstown, I have still got many, many things to find homes for.

Some of our artworks and prints are up and the others are waiting for the muse to hit me re: their just-right, new homes. The ones I have hung, have involved a fair bit of "no, that's not right" and have been moved to a completely different spot and some, more often than not, are moved very small distances, until they are in the perfect spot creating lots of unnecessary holes in the wall only centimetres apart! Ooooops.

All my other stuff, nick-nackery, collectables and let's face it, crap...I am playing musical chairs with. I arrange and re-arrange then leave, then walk by and change. Here are some shots of some current configurations...

Nothing on the orange wall yet...because I am trying to decide whether I should learn to live with the colour or and I, have never really been friends.


  1. Ohh, arranging is fun! It all looks so nice...I'm rather envious of that gorgeous piano!


  2. Why thank-you Miss Claire...the piano only cost $100!! From the previous owner of the house who no longer wanted it. Talk about your bargain of the century...although it does need a tune.

  3. Ooh I love the orange! I feel like it needs plants to balance it out though. $100 piano = awesome. So good.


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