Friday, 17 December 2010

I Can Yokel It Up Like The Real Deal

When it's called for, I can get quite country

Love the you-beaut-banged-up-ute and so does Bobby (our dog)
Love making dams and cut-outs in the rain, so the water will run off the road into the old creek bed
Love stomping around the bush in my gumboots with a big old piece of tree-branch as a walking stick, fossicking for wildflowers and fungi while Bob obsesses about finding rabbits
Love the vast, clear night sky full of a squillion stars
Love all the night noises of snuffling, scuffling animals in the bush
Love the early evening birdsong and the frog choirs
Love how Frank (our cat) prowls around the place like Lord Frank of Fryerstown
Love the native plants the previous owner popped in the garden that are flowering prolifically as a result of all the rain.

Not so happy about the spiders and the MASSIVE monstrous centipedes and humongous moths and the still hiding somewhere, very VERY poisonous, snickety-snakes.

Blog Slump Hump

Of late, I think of my blog daily and things to post, but just can NOT seem to get off my flat bum and post.

Why is that I wonder? The muse just doesn't strike me and I get distracted with slothing or pottering on the terrace with my growing tins of cuttings for our garden.

I am still settling in to our new life, here in Fryerstown central Victoria, and so far, so fabulous.

We have great, cheery, helpful locals and neighbours not too far away and Castlemaine - a vibrant, diverse, everything-you-need, gorgeous township, is only 10 minutes drive away.

We have already attended The Fryerstown Christmas Frolic which was wonderful, an old-school event with everyone bringing a plate, bbcue thrown on, an old gent on the drums, a large lady on the piano and some other locals singing a tune or too and adding violin, ukulele, guitar and accordian. There were streamers and little vases of roses on all the tables and kids weaving in and out of the crowd. We met heaps of like-minded folk which really helped cement in the fact that we have chosen a great spot to live.

The weather has been AMAZING. A few stinkers but mostly either WETWETWET or sunny and light-breezily lovely. Our tanks and our dam are full and overflowing.

After much research I tracked down a 6-star reverse cycle air conditioner, so I can set up a room as my Summer bunker, because EVERYONE keeps telling us how stinking hot it gets up here! Even though we are off-the-grid solar here, the new "super-inverter" air con is wondrously effective and using the teeniest amount of power. BLISS on a stick.

The ONLY thing causing me any angst, if I let it, is the thought and threat of bushfires. It is a constant up here, in the backs of everyones minds and on the tip of everyones tongues. The great unspoken dread is palpable.

We are smack bang in the middle of true, dense, bush forest. The Castlemaine Heritage Gold Diggings on one side and the Castlemaine State Forest on the other. No neighbours for about 2 kilometres. It is simply, sublimely, STUNNING. All the rain has bought the bush to glorious, vibrant, teeming LIFE. There are so many divine weenie wildflowers and the understory is sprouting like mad. Lizards, birds and frogs are scurrying, chortling and croaking their little hearts out.

Our plan is to get the hell out of here if we are threatened by those hellish flames.
I truly hope it doesn't come to that.

Here are some shots from our new piece of paradise - HOME

Fryerstown Frolic

My potting-up table

Lemon tree on the terrace and a pretty snow-white ti tree.

The pond where the froggies love to sing and some more cuttings

and some stunarama wildflowers.