Tuesday, 24 August 2010

New Beginnings - Part 972

Right, SO I have been missing from the blogosphere for a while and once again it's because LIFE yanked me aside FIRMLY and gave me and Mr I a good old SHAKE-UP!

Another huge life change is upon us and just in time for Spring - "new beginnings" which hopefully is a fabulous and positive omen!

Within an incredibly short time - frame we sold our lovely property in Nth West Tasmania and bought a new home in Fryerstown, about 10 minutes or so South of Castlemaine in Victoria.

Talk about a whirlwind...SHHHEEEEEESH

We have set ourselves a big challenge because we are both lovers of ye-olde stuff and things and now we have gone and bought ourselves a modern, flash, fancy, 5 yr-old home. We have always favoured the gnarled, worn, interesting, creaky, well-loved, character-laiden home with a history and here we are moving in to a place that's shiny and new, ready for us to make our mark.

Me, I'm not so much a fan of CHANGE, it challenges every part of me, but this time I'm actually REALLY looking forward to it. Well, Hmmm MOST of it anyway.

I AM looking forward to being back in Victoria and only an easy drive or train journey away from my heart-town of Melbourne, my children, my family & my friends.

I AM looking forward to discovering a new local community, one that I know is full of diversity and culture.

I AM looking forward to making our new place OUR home with all our stuff some-how squished in to it!

I AM looking forward to living off the grid in a fully solar powered home.

I AM looking forward to tweaking things to make them just right for us.

I AM looking forward to planting and nurturing a new garden and managing 3 & a half acres rather than the demanding 42 acres we are leaving behind.

The things that are making me anxious about our new adventure are these...

I'm NOT looking forward to being alone a LOT of the time, as Mr I will be working and staying in Melbourne most of the working week : (

I'm NOT looking forward to the HEAT...I detest the HEAT...I WILT & MOAN & GROAN & can NOT function in the heat and leaving my ideal climate here in Tasmania will be an extreme challenge.

I'm NOT looking forward to leaving behind our chooky-chooks and our gorgeous goat, Stumps, but at least we have found them loving new homes. Here they are...

Meanwhile...TA DA! Here is our crazy (for us) and EXCITING new home! These photos are with all the previous owners stuff...


  1. WOW! That is a huge change and what a lovely place to move to. I too am a fan of the creaky old type of house but really love the look of the new one. Good luck.

  2. Ooooooooh aahhhhh!

    I too am change phobic, and a lover of all things ye oldie (not in the cottage homeware sense-but you know what I mean).

    But your new place…*drools* …so much light and texture! I love how the warmth of the wood softens the lean cut angular-ness of it. And the steps to your bath; I would have been asking the previous owners how soon they could get out as soon as I'd clapped eyes on those.

    Congratulations to you and Mr I, may you find much joy in your new little world. Cheers, Miz

  3. ooooooo so close now!
    I can hear you counting down the days.
    I am imagining how DIVINE this place will be when it is filled with your love and spirit and magnificent aesthetic.

  4. I am coming over.... Yes! When is the housewarming?! I will bring a pot plant! xx PS : not actually POT, though.

  5. Wow - good for you! Can't wait to see you stamp some of your amazingness on this gorgeous new home!

  6. Wow, there certainly is a lot going on at your house! I understand it is a huge move and a completely different style of house but it is certainly a very cool one! Those photos are brilliant. I hope you enjoy all the great bits of a new house. Like when you clean things they are clean and all the luxuries like that ;) Castlemaine is a great area.

    All the best and thanks so much for joining in this week. It was lovely to hear what's happening at your house and have a virtual tour of your new house. Lou.

  7. Freyerstown is such a beautiful part of Victoria, and how lucky to be in the very midst of the annual HUGE antique fair every February!

  8. Thanks to all for your lovely supportive comments! X X X

  9. welcome back ! And goodbye from those on the other side of the strait and narrow.
    Talk about a seachange - love the new digs! Love the idea of being off grid - I soooo want to be off grid!
    Hope the familiarity of your new/old surrounds helps with the lack of Mr I at home through the week - at least you won't have to worry about strange noises at night on your own (like devils and quolls screeching)

  10. wow - that's an amazing house. when i read your post i felt sorry for you, having to move into something modern - but it's not yucky modern but fabulous modern.
    will you be able to get more chooks?
    oh and i do feel sorry for you about the heat - i hate the heat too.....with a passion :(
    goodluck with the move.


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