Friday, 2 July 2010

Wintry Wonders

I adore Winter.
I function better in Winter I feel more alive and my brain even feels a bit springier!

I find so much is magical about Winter...

Crunchy, sparkly frost after snappingly-crisp, clear-skied nights
The crackling and settling of a glowing wood fire
Fingerless "fagan" gloves
Rosy cheeks
Steamy breath hitting the chilly air
Stylishly tossed scrarfery
Long, slow, low-heat cooking
Layer-upon-layer of fabulous frockery


Glorious golden Silver Birches in our driveway

My beautiful, snuggly, comfy FABULOUS bed

The magnificent, shimmering, life force of Liffey Falls Tasmania

Stunarama views from the cliff at Table Cape Tasmania

Our feline Frank making the most of the Winter sun & zestily vibrant limes from OUR lime tree! Who says you can't grow limes in Tassie?

My made-up apple & sultana & quince jam flan-ey thing

Winter energises me

What about you?


  1. I love Tassie. My family is from there and hubby and I went on a camping trip around the whole state a few years ago - in the middle of winter. Everyone thought we were mad, but the crisp, sunny winter days were just magical.

  2. julie patersonical2 July 2010 at 13:29

    ooh aaah ... that all looks so lovely and toasty and roasty and cozy!

  3. i am so glad i am not on my own. i love winter and autumn as well.


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