Friday, 16 July 2010

Projects - I'm a Start-Stopper

Not a stop-starter...

I'm a shocker at starting things with gusto and then my interest wanes and the project fizzles and peters out

I have over 50 crocheted granny squares I made in 1978, YES 1978! I was a CHILD.
The colours were black/moss green/BROWN - say no more
They are still in the bag I put them in all those decades ago
I bought truck loads of gorgeous teeny, cotton print fabrics when my babies WERE babies, with the intention of making cute clothes for them, I never did & that fabric? No idea what happened to it all. I DID manage to knit them some HILARIOUS who-needs-a-pattern, basic, plain-stitch, boat-neck SHOCKERS though! There are photos...but they'll keep for future blackmail purposes.

At the moment I have four wooly projects going on, two of which I started over a year ago
This time I am D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-E-D to finish ALL of them
I shall and I WILL

here they are...

Project #1 some lovely heart bunting (isn't BUNTING a jolly great word?)
I got the pattern for the hearts from the fabulous Miss Pip @ Meet Me at Mikes & I used them here

project #2 some moss stitch squares to go around the edge of a knitted
patchwork blanket I made a few years ago
(oooo there's another ALMOST finished project I forgot to mention)

project #3 new THIS-century granny squares for another rug

project #4 knitted chain-links which will eventually be a necklace!

So you see, I really am a hopeless start-stopper

What about you?


  1. I so have to show my hubbie your blog - it's not just me who has a few contemplative projects - I don't use the word unfinished as that indicates that they won't "be" finished - it's more that I think a lot about them . . . . .

  2. such woollen loveliness going on, I have quite a few "in progress" projects too!

  3. I never knew what bunting was but if those hearts are bunting....I really like bunting. Xxx

  4. those little red love hearts are gorgeous!! They caught my eye over at Killiecranrie's...Hi:)

  5. Love the granny squares. And don't worry about being a 'starter/stopper' - I think most of us creative bloggers are but we only share what we've completed. So good on you for coming out of the crafty closest and saying "I'm a starter/stopper, and I'm proud". I'm a huge starter/stopper and I've recently just blogged about some of my projects that have taken me months to finish!

  6. Your email made my day! :))

  7. Oh yes, I'm definitely a start-stopper too. Soooo many things unfinished... But one day! ;) Good luck with your projects!

  8. love the red hearts. Yep, I'll be doing one project and thinking about the next one before i've finished....

  9. My husband acused me of this just two days ago. I was gobsmacked! Look at the stats! I think for every thing that has stopped there is another that is finished. It is just the creative mind needs to flourish and those who aren't (creative) don't see the finished items, just the unfinished. Like glasses half empty. All of your projects are all gorgeous and I am sure every one will be finished....particularly since you posted on your blog, you will get the guilts if they weren't:)

  10. I totally understand your head space. Nice to see there are other start-stoppers out there too.

  11. I love all your wooly goodies in progress. They are all gorgeous and they make me feel so normal about all my projects I've got going on here.


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