Thursday, 1 July 2010

Paper Dolls Make me Happy

As a small child I had a book of paper dolls. I distinctly remember that one of them was called Priscilla. They all wore silky undergarments and then you got to dress them up by carefully cutting out all sorts of fabulous frockery with tabs that you then you folded over the edges of the ladies.
I remember their frocks as being from the crinoline era.
I LOVED playing with them.
They truly fascinated me and absorbed me far more than silly old Barbie with her stupid stilettos, which kept getting lost, and her dumb knotty hair!
I have just come across this amazing Tasmanian arsitst named Joan Pitman who drew these beautiful paper dolls when she was 14-years-old!
I WANT them...I COVET them. Here is just one of the gorgeous creatures...

Her family has released her drawings to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and there are 3 books of paper dolls to purchase! Have a look HERE to see them. Go on! they are delightful.

I'm going to get them. I AM!

What about you?

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  1. oh i loved paper dolls. I had pettycoat junction sisters to dress and hayley mills (from her different films ) I can't remember other ones names. First there was the careful cutting or pressing out if the doll and garment. I would play with them for hours. When people ask me what TOYS I liked, it would be BOOKS.board games. paper dolls. and I loved little china dogs, and ladies - from Coles. or plastic animals. Of course dress ups was a fave,
    and I often made myself a horse tail and jumped around the backyard - pretending I was a HORSE.
    I loved simple things. My boys loved dress ups,barbie dolls, music, sport and then the computer games came and wrecked it. They all still love a good book though.


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