Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Looking & Music

A musical discovery day today whilst looking at some gorgeous interior design...

I LOVE this entry and staircase...


and this stunningly vibrant room...


Two wonderful clips with some smashingly talented chikadees and no raunch in sight!


  1. How beautiful are those two rooms?
    Love the 2nd music clip too!

  2. Janelle Monae ! Love finding new music - add it to my birthday wish list for downloads :)
    That green wall is what I have lined up next at our place (a bit more olive to match the red velour lounger we have)
    Thanks !

  3. on on to the next big adventure - hope the move goes smoothly - at least the ether doesn't care where you blog from - so we can all keep watching and experiencing everyones finds and delights from the little island or the big !


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