Friday, 2 July 2010

Labyrinthian Blogosphere Meanderings

A collection of some of the mesmerising images I have come across in just one morning whilst fossicking & wandering around the interwebby...

So clever & so lovely...Fifi Lapin modelling the latest catwalk styles

Seriously, if someone in Australia sold these, I would do a deal with the devil to get my hands on one

I have no idea why but this hauntingly beautiful image by Tasmanian artist Chen Ping speaks to me...I covet it

What a clever fella Mr Ben Heine is...this confounds did he do it - draw it & get the cat in the exact same position? Or is there some new-fangled techno trickery going on?
ben heine cat drawing

Well just because it's it not?
purple cabbage via

I love this idea - playing around with photos with a bit of etching & doodling...charming
hairdoodling via alexintrouble

A stunningly-brooding, slightly menacing yet glorious shot
red angel via

How clever - a tea bag hidey-hole

Another nifty tea bag idea

I want it NOW with an Italian espresso! Lemon & pomegranate cake by stylist Kate Wesson

How GOOD is a macaroon? I reckon I could cheerfully stuff about 40 in before regretting it.


  1. Yay - you're back - and with such an array of delightful images! Enjoy your weekend, I imagine it's frosty down your way, considering how freezing it is in coastal NSW.

  2. Those are amazing image but gee what I wouldn't give for some lemon and pomegranate cake... xx

  3. Hey even your cat looks like my sisters old moggie ! I think the dog things lays wholey with the Smithfield - makes them kind of strange in the head - ours is most definately the weirdest dog we've ever owned.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog - read your bio - wmsl ! especially that bit about procrastination - do you mind if a plagiarise that for mine ? ? ?

  4. Our Molly-Dog is loyal, the kids shadow, naughty and slightly more like a cat then a dog should be. She too was a second hand dog. Maybe it's her funny coloured eyes, or the psychic messages she thinks she's to sending in the evenings to make us let her infront of the fire . . . .hmmm nutty mut? definately.
    This of course has nothing to do with super models or dressed up rabbits . . . but Feisty gets it ;) !

  5. Hi and thanks for linking to my blog, happy to be of inspiration!

    Just because I tend to be very pedant when crediting the authors, below are some info :)

    - the cat image is from Ben Heine, I linked him in

    - the purple cabbage is from Moranga, i linked to the image in

    - the red angel is a photo I me myself shoot ( thanks for the appreciation, is the Ara Pacis through a red glass in Rome - i linked to it in

    Also, feel free to contribute to the photo doodling group on flickr! I always love to see new images added to the group.

    Now I'm going to have a look around here, ciao!


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