Monday, 3 May 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful

Another spot of 5 Faves, thanks to Pip at Meet Me at Mikes

How I love a sing and a group-sing even more. I dare you not to come over all emo at the brilliant PS 22 and their joyful, let-it-all-go, powerful singing. It even has a soul-stirring handclap section towards the end. How lucky these kids are to have the brilliant Mr B (Gregg Breinberg) as their passionate and brilliant teacher. I could have picked any one of hundreds of amazing songs that they have learned, but this one shows how happy and "into it" the kids are, pretty perfectly.

At this time of year the most incredulous lime green moss appears between our pavers. It makes me grin every time I look at it. And to think there are those who would be out there trying their darndest to get rid of it!

I love how towards the end of Autumn the perennials in the garden have a last flush of bold and defiant colour before Winter sets in.

My bed. Where would I be without it? So much of my life has happened there. Tears, happiness, despair, joy, sorrow, laughter, sadness, naughtiness, passion and creation. If I could, I would live there. Amongst my favourite things always, but especially this week as the weather has chilled, it beckons me to slip beneath the sheets and read whilst gazing out the window at the rain plopping on the leaves outside. Ahh Bliss.

Me and Mr I down on the farm. As much as I miss Melbourne, my family, friends and a culturally diverse and stimulating life, I DO love us here on our little patch. We have spectacular views, fresh, clean air, sparkling skies full of trillions of night-time star show-offery and are surrounded by nature in all its wondrous glory along with a menagerie of animals who make us laugh on a daily basis. It's not too bad.


  1. When I look at that picture and see the cow's magnificent face I know why I don't eat meat

    When I look at you and Mr I, I also know why I don't eat humans.

    Beautiful post xx

  2. That's NOICE Michela!
    Couldn't seem to get the Utube clip to load or something... anyways...

  3. It certainly doesn't sound bad! Tassie keeps coming onto my radar lately and teasing me with the deliciousness of what life *could* be like down there...Enjoy it, as you clearly do!


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