Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Little Movie Magic & Some Fabulous Finds

We really are experiencing some magnificent late Autumn days here in Paradise, Nth West Tassie, at the moment. Cold, crisp nights deposit crunchy morning frosts and the days are sparklingly, blue-skied and spectacular. Here, have a look...that's the view from our terrace - really!

We went along to a farm auction yesterday and bought something I have wanted since I was a small child - a grandfather clock. I am so excited and can't wait to get it home. There's something so evocative about them, I love it when I walk in to a home and I can hear the regular heartbeat of an old clock ticking. Clearly, I have some potent childhood memories back there in the sludgy recesses of my mind! When we get it home and all set up, I can see myself curled up on the couch, reading with the fire blazing and that old timekeeping relic marking the seconds as they pass on by. It looks very much like this one:

I'm sharing my Fabby Finds with Sophie, over here.
On my lunch-break last Thursday, I popped in to the local oppy and was so happy to come across all these little treasures. A fantastic little leather bag, a couple of 70's Spanish cup & saucer sets, a cute little cherry bowl, a gorgeous glass, butter dish with lid and these superb hand crocheted doilies.

The movie magic came to me from my son, who put together this short film as a memory-triggering momento of our fantastic family adventure to Paris in October last year. I can not watch it without shedding a tear. It makes me burst with emotions - happy, sad, proud, full of joy and thankful for my beautiful family.

Seems I'm having a pretty good day today...what about you?


  1. Wish the movie went for longer!! Could feel the ambience...........can't wait to get there one day:)

  2. Oh my, tears welled then exploded! That was tres magnifique - particularly as I've just returned from the final film in the French Film Festival. Wow. That is one talented boy, and quite possibly the best birthday present I've ever seen. Thank you!

  3. Can't see the internet is ****. But I was gobsmacked (being a country gal) by the circumference of that tree trunk! That must have been one ginormaous tree!
    Funny, I have been repeating parrot fashion all week, and it's true, "We collect our memories, we collect our memories." I have a smaller clock and find that I can't get to sleep at night without hearing it. Maybe it is a heartbeat? xxNick

  4. i was about to say good doilies then i watched the video and i have to add.... what a lovely trip that must have been and what a talented boy you have!! xx

  5. what magnificent views! WOW that grandfather clock is stunning, lucky you! i love auctions trouble is i can't resist the urge to bid on most things!
    btw that little butter dish is very cute too :)

  6. What a lovely country you live in! I would love to visit someday. Love your treasures, especially the crocheted doilies and the cherry bowl. Read the rest of your blog and really find you and your life very interesting.

  7. David Shepherd, Winter Plough...very evocotive. Apparantly 1960. The artist is an ardent conservationalist.

  8. I love grandfather clocks too. I have fond childhood memories of staring up at my grandparents big old clock, waiting for the little man to pop out and beat his drum every hour.

    What a beautiful present from your son, and that must have been the worlds largest creme brulee!

  9. Thanks to one of my neighbours having better internet than I, I was was finally able to watch this. I was doing okay until I saw the 'happy birthday lady' at the end. Now I'm having a blub... this is the best present ever. You're a lucky lady.


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