Thursday, 20 May 2010

Someone Else's Things Have a New Home

Today I'm showing off my absolutely splendifourous purchases from the farm auction I mentioned in my last post. These are big-ticket items my friends and things I have dreamt of owning since I was a wee thing. I'm justifying, aren't I?

We knew the grandfather clock was going to be auctioned and I had a slush fund I'd been putting aside just for its purchase. That was all we really intended to buy...and buy it we did. Bidding was fast and furious, but the price ended up being considerably less than its that's a good thing - isn't it? I am SO happy to be able to offer it a new place to tick and chime its big old heart away.

BUT...(oh there's always a but at an auction isn't there?) there was this amazing Art Deco lounge suite, in MY colours, with drink stands, in perfect, almost-new condition! I sat on it and could not believe the seats were firm and comfy. There was no sag and no wear-&-tear. We do not "NEED" a lounge suite, BUT this was was screaming out my name.
It had to be mine.
We were dumb-founded and blown away when no-one else felt the same way...we got it for $200! One guy actually turned to me and said "What'd ya but that for?"
They even threw in a lovingly handmade crocheted blanket and two fabby cushions!

So here they are, new additions to our home from somebody else's.

Welcome my friends, I think you'll be happy here.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Little Movie Magic & Some Fabulous Finds

We really are experiencing some magnificent late Autumn days here in Paradise, Nth West Tassie, at the moment. Cold, crisp nights deposit crunchy morning frosts and the days are sparklingly, blue-skied and spectacular. Here, have a look...that's the view from our terrace - really!

We went along to a farm auction yesterday and bought something I have wanted since I was a small child - a grandfather clock. I am so excited and can't wait to get it home. There's something so evocative about them, I love it when I walk in to a home and I can hear the regular heartbeat of an old clock ticking. Clearly, I have some potent childhood memories back there in the sludgy recesses of my mind! When we get it home and all set up, I can see myself curled up on the couch, reading with the fire blazing and that old timekeeping relic marking the seconds as they pass on by. It looks very much like this one:

I'm sharing my Fabby Finds with Sophie, over here.
On my lunch-break last Thursday, I popped in to the local oppy and was so happy to come across all these little treasures. A fantastic little leather bag, a couple of 70's Spanish cup & saucer sets, a cute little cherry bowl, a gorgeous glass, butter dish with lid and these superb hand crocheted doilies.

The movie magic came to me from my son, who put together this short film as a memory-triggering momento of our fantastic family adventure to Paris in October last year. I can not watch it without shedding a tear. It makes me burst with emotions - happy, sad, proud, full of joy and thankful for my beautiful family.

Seems I'm having a pretty good day today...what about you?

Friday, 14 May 2010

Bloggers Sans Make-up

Today it's a brave day...
Playing along with Bloggers Without Make-up

I am not a big makeup wearer or purchaser. Never have been. As I get older, I do find I am tending to try and hide some of my blotchy patches and redness with a brush of mineral bronzer - love the stuff. You do have to be careful or else you end up looking like you have been in the fake-tan booth for a tad too long! A spot of mascara and a bit of kohl and on feeling fabby days, the RED lippy comes out!

My at-home days are spent without a skerrick of makeup, can't be bothered, but more and more I tend to face the world with a little bit of something slapped on.

I don't usually feel comfortable posting pics of myself here on my blog, I prefer to keep a teeny bit of myself to myself, but this chance to nude-up, bare-all, show the real me, seems to have hit a nerve. Taking a bare-faced photo and posting it for all the world to view feels brave and a bit scary but also strangely liberating!

As do many of us, I like to find the "best" photos of me and "tweak" them a bit before releasing for public scrutiny, but here, today no such fooling around. If I am going to bang on, as in my previous post about the dishonesty of botox users, then I need to stand up and show the real me not a cleverly edited and re-worked photo of me.

So many of us are jumping in, it's fantastic - No facade, no bullshit, no fakery, NO photo-shopping, just who we really are. Fresh-faced fabulousness all round! I go!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Soft or Scary?

Kylie Minogue recently admitted that she has "tried" botox in the past and Olivia Newton-John reckons it the "berries from the Amazon, diet and exercise" that have her looking so "young".

More examples of the now squillions of women who lose the ability to be honest once they start to inject. I'm not saying they do it intentionally or that they are necessarily treating us like idiots...I am really starting to think it's part of the effect of the drug itself.

As it goes with addiction, you start out with just a little and before you know it you are HOOKED.

These women inject and inject and inject until they bear little resemblance to their previous selves. Do they really not see how bizarre they look when it's all gone too far or is that part of the effect of the poisoning? Why is it that their eyebrows all end up in a severe up-side-down V and nothing like their original eyebrow line and they don't see it? Maybe botox dulls their perception and eyesight and rationale to the point that they really DON'T see it - they truly believe they just look "refreshed".

It's all sounding very much like any drug of addiction to me, where justification is the name of the game. When you are on the booze or the pills or powder of your choice you think you are totally fine and rational and able to speak and communicate and DRIVE safely. You think you are more animated, entertaining, relaxed, fun and fabulous whereas, in fact, you are a slurring, slobbering, un-coordinated, aggressive, embarrassing bore.

Is botox the new heroin? Are these women hopelessly addicted and now on the sad and pathetic justification road for the rest of their lives?

I find it all so terribly sad. Sad that society has driven them to this. Sad that they talk themselves in to it with the old "it made me feel good about myself" line.

Isn't it weird that there does not seem to have been any serious research in to the effects of Botox as a drug of addiction?

I find it TRAGIC that we are erasing life from our faces.

I find it bizarre that babies are being born to women who cannot show them the myraid of minute facial expressions and emotions necessary for babies to learn how to communicate effectively with other humans.

The first 6 women (Meryl Streep, Tina Fey, Helen Mirren, Claudia Karvan, Annette Bening & Vivienne Westwood) below, have LIFE in their faces. There are scars and wrinkles and blotches and lines and redness and yet, to me, a beautiful and alluring softness.

The last 6 (Nicole Kidman, Melanie Griffith, Sigrid Thornton, Kylie Minogue, Cher & Donatella Versace) are, to me, SCARY and sad and plastic and hard and totally unappealing.

Why do I care what these women do to themselves? It's their choice right?
You know what? The more I think about it, the less I believe that to be the case.

What about you?

Monday, 3 May 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful

Another spot of 5 Faves, thanks to Pip at Meet Me at Mikes

How I love a sing and a group-sing even more. I dare you not to come over all emo at the brilliant PS 22 and their joyful, let-it-all-go, powerful singing. It even has a soul-stirring handclap section towards the end. How lucky these kids are to have the brilliant Mr B (Gregg Breinberg) as their passionate and brilliant teacher. I could have picked any one of hundreds of amazing songs that they have learned, but this one shows how happy and "into it" the kids are, pretty perfectly.

At this time of year the most incredulous lime green moss appears between our pavers. It makes me grin every time I look at it. And to think there are those who would be out there trying their darndest to get rid of it!

I love how towards the end of Autumn the perennials in the garden have a last flush of bold and defiant colour before Winter sets in.

My bed. Where would I be without it? So much of my life has happened there. Tears, happiness, despair, joy, sorrow, laughter, sadness, naughtiness, passion and creation. If I could, I would live there. Amongst my favourite things always, but especially this week as the weather has chilled, it beckons me to slip beneath the sheets and read whilst gazing out the window at the rain plopping on the leaves outside. Ahh Bliss.

Me and Mr I down on the farm. As much as I miss Melbourne, my family, friends and a culturally diverse and stimulating life, I DO love us here on our little patch. We have spectacular views, fresh, clean air, sparkling skies full of trillions of night-time star show-offery and are surrounded by nature in all its wondrous glory along with a menagerie of animals who make us laugh on a daily basis. It's not too bad.

Fabby Finds

Flea Market Finds time again thanks to Her Library Adventures

How is it in your neck of the woods? It's a glorious, but chilly day here in Tassie.
This week, I fossicked in a 2nd hand barn in Deloraine and came across some lovely sea-shell encrusted old milk bottles AND they were only $2 each!

I also hit some of my old haunts in Melbourne and added to my bambi/fawn family, and my rose print and tin collections! Yee ha!

And here is the happy little extended Bambi family...

My crapenalia addiction comes in waves, some weeks I can "just say no" and others I pounce and snaffle.

What about you?