Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Pleasing Publications

Whilst fossicking in the oppy yesterday, I came across these lovelies...

An amazing Australian-published world atlas with beautiful photos and colourful maps, yet strangely, no year of publication but it looks 50's to me.

Some absolutely HILARIOUS old knitting patterns, honestly what were they thinking when they posed these people? Did they think that's how people look whilst hanging around in their knitwear? Seriously?

Check out the smouldering sexual tension between the gents!

Miss natural-pose here along with buttoned-up creepy-cult mother & daughter!

Very excited about the FAB 1965 edition of This is San Francisco and another lovely old Golden Book to add to my collection.

But THIS pattern is my absolute FAVOURITE! Look at her brilliant hairdo! Her coat design is stunarama, but I am so incredibly itchy just thinking about wearing it.

I love old magazines, books, catalogues, patterns and brochures because they offer such an amazing flashback or glimpse in to another time and a seemingly completely different way of life.

What about you?


  1. I LOVE the oppy- treasure trove of fabulousness. So many of my favourite things are oppy treasures. You have a great eye for style!

  2. i love collecting those adorable little golden books too..

  3. Some great finds. Looks like you had fun!

  4. Had to giggle at the very sexy men on those knitting patterns!
    Oh that golden book has brought back memories. My grandparents had that one at their house :)


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