Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Marvellous Memories

My cousin sent me this amazing photo of my maternal grandmother, Molly (Granny), taken on her 50th birthday.

I think she looks absolutely gorgeous and so happy!
How's the FROCK and the gladys?
I have been told all my life how much like her I am...until I saw this photo I never really got it. It's bizzare!
It's one of life's great frustrations that we usually don't get the chance to sit with our grandparents as adults and really get to know them. You know, ask them questions about your Mum or Dad and to find out all about their young lives.
I know some things, but I want to know so much more!
Granny was a party girl, she managed the Paterson Lakes Country Club with a girlfriend a million years ago. It's gone now (of course). She was also a JC Williamson's showgirl and worked at Fletcher Jones.
She loved to entertain and show off her good-set-of-pins.
In her later years, all the shop keepers at her local shopping centre knew her and she went to visit elderly friends in aged care facilities to brighten up their days.
I miss her.
I have some of her things and this beautiful well-worn old platter is one of them.

Interestingly it features roses and if you have been through my posts you'll know that I have a bit of a thing for roses!

Last night's pavlova fest on Master Chef triggered sweet memories of my Mum teaching me how to make pavs using our Sunbeam mixmaster. The splash of vinegar, the vanilla extract and the corn flour all vital ingredients. I did not have my own mixmaster and have long lusted after one. A few months back I found one in a 2nd-hand store in Hobart for $35 I was VERY, VERY happy. Here it is along with some snazzy old plates (all found at different locations) with a pattern called "GAYTIME" you gotta love that, don't you?


  1. Oh the platter! I loved that in your post with the freshly picked beetroot (one of all time fave ingredients!). Now i understand it has SO much more significance than I could ever have imagined. Molly- what a gal!

  2. oh lucky you - i would love a sunbeam mixmaster!
    I never knew my grandparents - we came to australia when i was 18 months old so i never really had a relationship with them. i'm so glad my kids do though - and i keep telling them to make the most of it....
    lovely photo :)

  3. I love that your Granny's plate is well worn. Its a beautiful plate, but all the more better that it has been put to its intended use! My friends and I were chatting about just this very thing the other day - using the special things we love rather than just protecting them even though that sadly means they dont keep as well...
    Love your taste in general so its always great to check in and see your site!

  4. Your grandmother had a lovely figure. She looks wonderful.


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