Saturday, 24 April 2010

Magazine Madness

My name is Michele and I am a magaholic.

If I had the finances and the space I would have many, many, many magazines from around the world. I love a home styling mag, a foodie mag, a not-too-wanky architecture mag, an indy/arty/style mag, a down-to-earth/greenie/hippy lifestyle mag, and an occasional monthly literary mag (well prior to a puffed-up-little ponce taking over, I did!)

I don't mind your trashy-mag (junk-food-for-the-brain) either, I just can't come at paying for something that will be devoured in 10 minutes and leave me feeling empty, guilty and a wee-bit brain dead. So I pop off to "the library" (read 'large newsagents') where I grab a quick glance or I help myself to a bit-of-a-read whilst in the queue at the stupid-market.

Not long after we moved down to Taswegia, I came across this incredible stash of original 1946 Australian Women's Weeklys. They cost me $3 each and are a joy to behold. The cover art/photography, that gorgeous 40's style and some hilarious articles and ads inside. Every now and again I sit and read them cover to cover and they reveal something new each time.

A side swing of silky hair and a knitted rug. Check out the slacks on these two in the snow, not to mention the scenario?!

These kids are apparently all "starlets" of 1946 and Ms yellow-shirt appears to be chanelling Katherine Hepburn whilst pondering her cactii.

Here's a darling ad from Ponds before they established their institute and one for some striking knitwear fashions modelled by a freak-of-nature, I mean WHAT is up with that waist-to-shoulder ratio!?

These Winter fashions seem a tad sparce and very Wild West but they do include a some fab wedge heels and some "post war glitter" or is that "clitter"? Straw-hat-lady seems to have been hypnotised by the sheer woolen fabric she is holding or has found a way of hiding the sun spots on the back of her hands.

My favourite old mag find has to be the stunning 1956 Italian food magazine La Cucina Italia snaffled up for $4 from a 2nd-hand bookstore in Fitzroy St. St Kilda a few years back.

Here it is...isn't she stunning?

I'm a sucker for a spot of nostalgia and the 30's and 40's has always felt like somewhere I'd like to pop back to and feel very comfortable slotting in to. Although, I'm sure I would DEFINITELY have a more matronly figure than most!

What about you?


  1. OH MY GOD!! I am sooooo jealous of your maggie kids are into vintage comics at the moment. Loving them myself too!

  2. What gorgeous pics! LOVE the trip back in time!

  3. Wowee! These are gorgeous! I'm a mag addict too, we should start up a support group or something! xx

  4. I love the pictures, I love the colours and the feel. But right now all I can think is imagine having to pack all those magazines if you move xxxx

  5. Those pictures are beautiful! How did women of those eras manage to look so put together after a day at home with the kids....I look like a wild woman :)

  6. oh i LOVE them all..aren't some of the old ads hilarious!

  7. I adore these magazines. Maybe I watched too many old movies, or too many episodes of The Sullivans...but...they seem just right. xxNick

  8. love it what a stash to find!!!

    if you have time!!!!!


  9. lol, thanks for making me laugh

    :) Tracey

  10. You certainly have had some great oppy finds in your time! Love these covers. Also enjoyed yr take on 'trashy' mags, I tend to read them in the 'stupid market too, cant resist!

    I spell my name the same way, by the way...

  11. lol. Love the comments on the mag covers. The women all looked so put together back then!

  12. Totally with you on the magazines! I buy stacks and love them all, especially the interiors ones. Love your vintage selection, I also have penchant for the 1930's. Lovely! x

  13. Greaty collection - the images are just gorgeous aren't they!


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