Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cookbook & Recipe Pondering

I love a cookbook or a foodie magazine

I love the possibilities within and believing I can and will make the mouth-watering delights I find between the covers

I love the way cookbooks have evolved in to slick and fabulous tomes of food porn

I love the old-fashioned cookbooks with their line drawing illustrations

I love old-school gaudy unappetising food styling

I love my well-worn and thumbed Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cake Book which brings alive the memory of my kids fighting over whose turn it was to take it to bed to drool over.

I love that I managed to successfully make cakes from it!
I love slothing on the couch reading cookbooks cover to cover and then going to the kitchen and making up something of my own
I love my stuffed-full old green folder full of recipes torn from newspapers and magazines that I hardly ever look at!

I would love a flash, fancy, fabulous, entire wall bookshelf, chock-a-block full of cookbooks.
As it is I have an overstuffed op-shop wooden number that serves the purpose until I can fulfill my dream.

What about you?


  1. Wow. I only have about half a dozen cookbooks, but I have serious cookbook envy. I'd love a huge collection... one day!

  2. I haven't bought a cookbook in ages but I have a fair few. Might need to drop into Amazon and start flexing the plastic. After watching 'Julie and Julia', I want to buy Mastering The Art Of French Cooking.. also found out from the 'Eating Art'series on SBS that Toulouse Lautrec wrote a cookbook! I want that one!

  3. Oooo Yes! I want the Julia Child Art of French Cooking too, but an old, orignal copy and Toulouse Lautrec's would be grande also...mmmm may start surfing the interwebby right now!

  4. oh i am in awe and extremely envious of your cookbook bookshelf. i can see that i need to keep collecting.....
    ps i love looking through all my cookbooks and then coming out and making the same old thing ;-)

  5. There's something about Donna Hay that makes me want to torture her with a manakra...


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