Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sew 'Tis Done

A few weeks ago, I posted about doing a spot of sewing for the first time in a gazillion years.
I FINALLY got around to it today and here is the result...

I am not what you would call a patient soul and things frustrate me very easily, so this was SOME sort of achievement on my part.
My old Singer was very dusty and no doubt needs a service and oil up...but I perservered. I struggled to remember how to wind on the bobbin and how to thread the cotton through all the right spots and I reckon I called the machine an F'ing C*#t about 27 times...but I DID it.
YAY to me!
I think it's a bit long and am contemplating taking it up by re-doing the waistband...sorry Singer but more swearing coming up!
I found the skirt in an oppy and I've had the Mary material stashed aside for a few years.
Here's what the bits looked like before I dyed the skirt black

I'm quite proud of myself and will be wearing it about Melbourne town next week!

Might even have a bash at a bit more sewing...

What about you?

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  1. Tre fabuloso Contessa. I remember you having that idea when I stayed with you. I have got the urge to try my hand at sewing- thank you for inspiring me! Might start with the pile of clothes I have for mending!


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