Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Day-Dreamin' & Fantasyland

Thanks a lot to the crackin' Kerri Sackville for this game.

Things I fantasise or daydream about...

I posted it as a comment on her blog but thought I would pop it on my own as well...
Head over to her blog and add your fantasies and HEY! No slimy or creepy behaviour thanks, you can keep THOSE fantasies to yourself.

Fantasy #1
Win squillions and buy each of my kids a home and then leave 'em to it. They get not a cent more until the day I die. I might pay for them to come with me on amazing overseas adventures if they're exceptionally loving and adoring to me. The squillions would also mean I would NEVER EVER turn right on entering an aeroplane again. Oh what heavenly-happiness and bliss, this also ensures I could just pop over to wherever-the-fuck I feel like on a whim. Right now this is no longer possible as on my last adventure to Europe in jam-'em-in-and-ignore-them-class, everything went so wrong on the last leg of our holiday, that we ended up getting an upgrade to Qantas business class. That has ruined me for life...I can not and WILL not go back EVER...they called me by my first name and served me endless champage IN A GLASS for God's sake!!!

Fantasy #2
Be at least 5ft 8inches tall with firm, hourglass figure, long legs, a long, swan-like neck and flawless light olive skin rather than the stumpy, chunky, blotchy, stretch-marked, fair-skinned, double chinned midget that I am BUT keep my personality which I am actually quite happy with - well okay not ALL the time and not the depressive, evil, moody, psycho, negative bits obviously!

Fantasy #3
As the woman above, I would like to have met and smitten Mr Johnny Depp before he saw that bloody Vanessa Paradis' neck nape across a crowded bar.

This game is dangerous it's taking me to a bad and sad place.
I think the next game needs to take me to a thankful and positive place.

What about you?


  1. LOVE IT!
    Particularly the business class part. I've only tried it on a domestic flight.... bliss... oh bliss.....

  2. isn't sophia loren to die for - gorgeous figure - curvy and real. i'd be happy if i looked like her :)
    and yes, i would like to try business class - but before that, i would like to go on a holiday where other people make your bed and cook your food and one that doesn't involve putting up your accommodation yourself ;-)


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