Tuesday, 23 March 2010

5 Favourite Things...this week

Playing along at Pip's 5 Fav's today...

1. Being in my marvellous Melbourne, playing & laughing with family and friends

2. Attending two of my offsprings' exhibition opening, here SO exciting. Curated by one and both showing their wares...paintings by daughter and short film by son as well as works by fellow artisty friends.

3. Eating Pho soup in Victoria St...heavenly, fixative hang-over cure

4. Watching this brilliant, emotional and all-round, makes-me-smile clip. Complete with beautiful, pale & pasty faced British kids...it's lovely.

5. Playing dress-ups on Looklet and kidding myself I could look like my dolls do in the outfits I put together for them...like this one

Those were my favs in the past week

What about you?


  1. no.4 - brrr... cross country running in the freezing rain! takes me back to my school days and makes me glad to have left my homeland! what a brilliant clip - I love it and it's made my day, thanks! by the way, it's not always that bleak and grey in england, no seriously there are at least 2 days a year when it's not like that ;-)


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