Saturday, 20 February 2010

Sew, Help Me!

I am considering bringing the Singer out of retirement and having a go at a spot of sewing.
Now those that know me will have just snorted coffee or most likely wine out of their nostrils or choked!

For quite a few years now I have had two minor projects in mind, but will need advice from the less craftily challenged for them to ever be attempted.
Firstly, I have a simple red/white cotton check dress that I want to make V-necked but have NO idea on how to go about this task or if it is indeed possible.
I KNOW it looks like a sack, but it actually has darts in all the right places and fits well, so SHUT-UP
The dress has umm, a hidden yokey thing behind the round neck made of the fabric and some of that binding stuff. See I told you I was rusty!
Here's a photo of it as is:

I also have this skirt I found at an oppy years ago, now it's not my colour and I have no idea about what I would wear it with, but I DO have a plan. I have this great Guadalupe Virgin Mary fabric I came across at Spotlight yonks ago and some fabby spotted ribbon and I want to attach the panel to the skirt. It really is all about ME, this project, as those who have looked at my blog will know, I have a lot of Maryabilia and Rosenalia going on in my home!
Here are the components for the skirt:

The advice I need is this, should I die the skirt? Say black?
I wear a LOT of black. Then the spots on the ribbon, which I plan to sew as a border all around the Mary panel, would tie back to the black.
I would then have more black tops to wear with it.
Oh I just cant decide.
All the components have been sitting in a bag for about 4 years!

I need some advice, guidance and inspiration to get started on these projects.

What about you?


  1. i would definitely dye the skirt black.
    i'm very confident about that.
    putting a v neck in......well i'm not so confident about that - i don't have enough sewing experience to help out :(

  2. ok, a V neck. What you do is fold the dress in half lengthways, so there is a long fold going down the fron and the back. Mark with taylors chalk on the center front fold where you want the V to end ( measure from the current neck down when you have the dress on, as then you can really see where it will actually sit). Get a ruler and draw a line from the current join in the shoulder(at the neck edge) down to the mark you just made at the centre front. Be brave and cut this line all the way around from the V, around to the centre back, following the line of the current neck. Bind with bias binding. Amy Karol has a good little tutorial on that on her blog. Good luck :)

  3. WOW! Thanks for that Gila...much appreciated.

  4. I have no idea about v necks but I did try a technique I called dot-to-dot dress last month. Check it out here, I think it would work well.
    And yes to the black.


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