Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Of Cattle, Beetroot & Blackberries

I am home alone on the farm for a few days whilst Mr I is in Melbourne...so I'm on farmhand duty.
Oh alright...I have to make sure the cattle have water in their trough, throw some scraps to the goat and give him a pat, walk the dog, avoid the cat who "lerves" Mr I and not me (and the feeling is mutual) feed, let out and put back in the chooks and keep my eye on my vegie garden. Very strenuous.

Some little fuckers are eating all my zucchini flowers GRRRR...our vegie garden is securely fenced, but those bloody POSSUMS will get in anywhere.
At least my beetroot is looking gorgeous and will be ready to harvest soon.

I have created a scrumptious beetroot salad in anticipation.

Grab yourself the following:

4 medium to large fresh-as-you-can-get beetroots
1 tablespoon of your favourite or home-made mayonnaise
3 tablespoons of your favourite plain yoghurt
a good, heaped tablesoon of seeded mustard
Handleful of Italian parsley chopped.
Some garlic or regular chives chopped

Pop the beetroot in to a saucepan and cover with cold water.
Bring them to the boil, then turn down to a good simmer until they are cooked.
Once cooked, cool them down in cold water and rub off the skin and chop off the ends.
Chop up the beetroot chunky style and throw in to a lovely bowl.
Add the mayo, yoghurt, mustard, parsley and chives
If you want you can add a small tin of Royal Sirena tuna in oil (I love this stuff and I drain the oil out, but still get the yummy flavour)
Mix together.

And that's it!

Here are some gorgeous blackberries that Mr I kindly picked whilst I was at work yesterday.

I will attempt another session of jam making and THIS time I will stand right by that pot and make sure it does not catch!

Home alone time means being slothier than usual and that's pretty DAMN slothy/slothful.
I quite like it.

What about you?


  1. Yeah if I was home alone things would get tragically sloth like, given that my partner is head (read:solo) dishwasher

  2. Yum to the blackberry jam! I wish I had some good garden advice for you but alas I do not, save for a pellet gun and intentions of opossum stew ;)


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