Thursday, 11 February 2010

My Place - My Stuff

Righto, apart from showing you alot of the stuff that makes my home mine, I am also playing along at My Creative Space & Flea Market Finds.

Now, I am not really crash hot at crafting or arting, I dip in to projects now and then, a spot of basic knitting or crochet and I can sew straight lines, but making stuff has yet to grab me and get me to commit to it on any regular sort of basis.
I like to take a photo and I like to cook and I used to love to paint, but these days I just love spending my time wandering around blog land and seeing what the really talented and dedicated crafters and artists and photographers of this world are up to!
I guess my home, and the way I play with and display all the things I have found over the years, is my real creative space! I reckon 80% of my home is furnished and filled with op-shop, 2nd-hand store, ebay, nature-strip and handed-over stuff!
Now for some advice from you, lovely readers, our place is on the market.
It is a 42 acre certified-organic farm in Nth West Tasmania and my style as you can see is somewhat eclectic and a bit nuts. A good friend has suggested we de-US the house, that is, HIDE most of it and bland out the house to appeal to a wider market.
I don't agree and just can't be arsed.
Have a look and tell me what you think?

I think our place is very homey and in keeping with the organic-farm lifestyle and that anyone who is in to organics will not be put off by all my stuff!

What about you?


  1. Oh I love it! Don't do anything. People will walk in and think 'This place is a home'. And it is. xxx

  2. In GENERAL I think it is agood idea to de-personalise a house - let the prospective buyers see a blank canvas so they can imagine their own style in the place.

    That said - I think you have a niche market living where you do so I think people aren't going to decide on the place based on the decor...

    (can i come live there??!)

  3. I have no advice!
    I live on an organic farm and live an organic lifestyle and I love the look of yours and all your collections. But I've never tried to sell a place so really what do I know?

  4. Dude, I love this stuff. I would rather have it than the house, nth west tassie is just too damn...wholesome.... for me

  5. i've never sold a place, heck, i haven't even bought a place, but i'm thinking you are on the right track - the people who want to buy an organic farm will love the homely look.
    goodluck with the sale

  6. Thank you for your visit to my blog. You live in such a beautiful part of the world. And I love all your collections. We can see Mt Roland from our place too, but obviously only from a distance. Where are you moving to?

  7. Love, you truly need to be on Collectors!!Although I'm sure a camera crew following you around after your last experience is the last thing you want!

  8. I'm LOVING your casa. The warmth, beauty and coziness oozes from these interior images of your casa.

    Ultimately I've not a clue regarding what to do for a sale, but I'd be wanting to have my stuff around me given it's home.
    Although perhaps there's a compromise? Reduce some objects etc etc? Just a thought, a lesser version of total "bland-out"?

    What thoughts have you had it about it since your initial post?


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