Thursday, 18 February 2010

Kitchey-Kitchey OZ

Playing along at Flea Market Finds again...

Popped in to a nearby 2nd-hand store looking for a butter dish (my favourite old glass-lidded one broke recently) and came across these two lovely bits of Aussie collectability.
I still can't believe what good knick Mumma Kanga and her Joey are in, but the glowing red eyes are truly creepy...and those salt n' pepper shakers are not exactly what I would call practical.

My Mr I loves ye-olde-mechanical, functional stuff so this fabulous old portable grill had his name ALL over it. It works and is in amazing original knick!

Feeling all collecty-proud and happy with that little hit.
I really do love it when I stumble across something like these two, whilst looking for something else.

What about you?

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