Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I Have Piles

I have posted previously about a condition I suffer with quite badly - Procrastinitis Bigtimus
Today I am fessing up about a particular symptom of P.B. and it's all about PILES.
This is a collection I am NOT proud of and wish I did not have, yet somehow it keeps growing and growing.
There are piles of paperwork and stuff ALL around our office/study and often they escape the office confines and pile themselves all over our kitchen table.
Seriously, Mr I and I are rendered useless when it comes to tackling our piles. They are created with such ease and with true intention of dealing with them yet, somehow coming back to them , facing them and removing them is something we avoid at all costs. It can takes YEARS.
The piles start out with a defined pile purpose - one for paid bills, one for paperwork to be filed, (HA HA HA HA HA Oh dear, excuse me while I re-compose myself, I don't think I have filed anything in our filing cabinet for about 4 years!) one for receipts, one for interesting clippings and notes and another for ? and on and on and on.
We get distracted by life and before long, we have forgotten which pile is for what and the wrong stuff gets plopped on top of the wrong pile and it is then all too hard. So the pile is gently lifted and moved somewhere else to be dealt with later...
BUT IT NEVER IS! All that happens is there is now space for the creation of a NEW pile!

I have PILES!

What about you?


  1. That's absolutely hilarious. My GOD I can relate!!!! K xxx

  2. LOL i actually thought you meant haemarroids on facebook!!! hahaha!
    I thought my o my she's disclosing personal things about her ANUS.

    Oh those piles I can relate to wholeheartedly! Been a pile girl for as long as I can remember.

    I do love the photos by the way... I find them fascinating. Looks like a graduates art work from VCA


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