Thursday, 18 February 2010

All I Want...

Right now, at this very moment, is to be back in Venice at this tiny, perfect, red-leather-banquetted, little bar eating the most deliciously, beautiful, freshly baked lasagne I have ever tasted and drinking that amazing Pinot Grigio! The whole bottle TO, MY, SELF.
Afterwards, I would like to inhale one of these most DIVINELY decadent, superbly-spectacular, light-as-feather and rich-as-a-Sheik Parisian eclairs.

That's ALL I want right NOW!

Well, actually, a magic wand or a few millions bucks would be quite nice as well.

What about you?


  1. i want to own my own home.
    nothing fancy.
    nothing big.
    just the one we are renting now - so that i never have to move again.
    oh and a bag of giant fruchocs would be nice too.
    and a swimming pool.
    and a.....
    only joking

  2. If I get my magic wand I'll get that house for you!

  3. I dont know what I want, all I keep thinking is how this post - so thankfully - reminded me that I had a bottle of wine chilling in the freezer!! (yes, the freezer, it was an emergency, and no, not a Pinot...)

  4. Ha ha! I often pop mine in the freezer! I'm glad I rescued you from a frozen bottle!

  5. I want to sleep in in the morning and have my girls be happy and lovely all day long. X


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