Saturday, 16 January 2010

Of Cold Meat & Salad & Catholicism...

Remembering how when I was a kid I thought the best dinners my Mum prepared were the ones that were obviously all about her not wanting to KNOW about having to cook, AGAIN, for her 5 kids. My Dad is Italian and when he made lunch or dinner it was another type of food experience altogether! More on that another time.

I thought Mum's "can't be buggered" dinners, actually I think we called them teatimes, were amazing, special occasion, we-are-so-lucky! dinners and I have a memory of Mum spinning them that way.

My top 3 were:
3. Cold meat & Salad - Mum's name for thickly sliced ham and some iceberg lettuce and MAYBE some sliced tomatoes with Kraft French dressing

2. Rice Bubbles! Yep...Rice Bubbles. When Mum made the announcement that it was too late to cook, so we could have Rice Bubbles for dinner, it felt so decadent and radical and bohemian
my absolute favourite...
1. Pan fried ham and cheese sandwiches and packet chicken noodle soup! This one was always on a Sunday night AND we were allowed to eat in front of the TV watching Disneyland, which was hopefully a Fantasyland episode! Dad was in charge of the pan fried sangers.

I've also been spending some time searching online trying to find a certain Mary statue to add to my collection,

it's not about religion for me - way too many atrocities have occured in the name of religion.
Not really sure what it's about other than I just like iconography from all religions, but as catholicism is in my past, I guess it's what I am drawn to. Don't EVEN get me started on all that is wrong with the Catholic Church...I think the erudite Steven Fry expresses my feelings perfectly here:

Just defrosted something in the microwave and missed out on stopping the beeps!
I HATE that!
Do you know what I am talking about?
Our microwave when it reaches zero on its countdown, gives 4 loud beeps, once it hits zero, there is NO way of stopping this. Opening the door doesn't stop it and neither does pressing stop, the ONLY way to avoid them is to get back to the microwave before it gets to zero and open the door or press stop.
It really SHITS me!
Am I bonkers?

Having a lovely time listening to a spot of Laura Marling and the very lovely The Unthanks
Enjoying a very moody, muggy, heavy-navy-&-grey clouded Saturday

What about you?


  1. I live on Guam, which has an extremely catholic history. Although I don't consider my self catholic, I'm also drawn toward images of Mary. I think it is a mixture of religous tradition and my island's matrilineal history, that draws me in. :)

  2. Lovely to meet you Drea! Wowee Guam...I'm going to research that now.
    Yeah, I have about 40 or so, all different, old prints and figurines of her! Madness!
    I freak people out because most of them are covering the walls of the toilet!

  3. i've always loved stephen fry, but now i love him even more!
    thanks for sharing

  4. I saw Laura Marling at the Sydney Festival this year. I didn't know who she was and my partner took me out to see her - what an introduction!


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