Friday, 15 January 2010

Spuds & Kookaburras

Happy with this morning's bounty.
I dug up some spuds from under one plant - there are about 10 more plants still in.
Here they are and I can tell you fresh picked potatoes are so far removed from their sad, supermarket cousins, it's TRAGIC. They are so naturally buttery it really is astounding.

Mesmerised by the family of kookaburras that have taken up residence at our place. Every morning and afternoon they wind up to their full-throated chuckling. I feel so privileged to have them around and they really do "sit in the old gum tree!"

Now I'd like a bit of rain, thanks

What about you?


  1. OOH give me those potatoes please!
    If you have too many eggs,potatoes,tomatoes etc, bag 'em up and bring 'em over in February darls!

  2. Man, Stephen Fry is such a complicated eloquent lovely lovely man who has really summed up the C Church, hasn't he? Thank you for enlightening moment in my LONG day. Last drop of wine and another "No you can't " to one of the kids before bedtime. xx ps your use of technology v.impressive


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