Thursday, 14 January 2010

Chasing Bunnies. Chooks & Floral Arrangements

Feeling pretty good.
'Been thinking about food, so I went online hunting for some old cook books that I've wanted for ages and found them for bargain prices here
I went for a long walk around the orchard with beautiful Bobby who chased rabbits and is now happily flopped and panting at my feet!

Wondering what to do with all the googie eggs the Ladies are laying at the moment! Only so many fritattas you can eat in a week! I am not so good in the baking department and too many cakes just means someone has to EAT them!

I picked some fennel flowers from a monster plant that I'm letting go to seed and they really do look splendiferous popped in a vase and they smell AMAZING. I'm not a fan of aniseed flavour but the seed heads look stunning and they smell like lemon and liquorice.

I played in my vegie garden, feeding and watering and was delighted to see these perky little finger radishes have popped up, can't wait 'til they grow up. My vegie garden carked it whilst we were on our big o/s adventure and I've had to start from scratch but it's coming along gangbusters now

I marvelled at this perfect bird nest I found a while ago sitting amongst the branches of one of the rose bushes and I brought it inside to study the talents of the birdy who made it. I also freaked out when I noticed a monster HUNTSMAN sitting in it! is now back outside.

Tonight I think I will make one of my deeeelicious pizzas - I just can't come at the ones with 2 basil leaves, a smear of tomato passata and 3 slices of buffalo mozzarella - I go all out and use heaps of baby spinach leaves which disappear down to nothing, I also hide a layer of shaved hot salami on the bottom. This pic was taken before I added a crumbling of the DIVINE Meredith Goat Cheese Mmmmmmmm

I reckon I'm having a pretty good day so far

What about you?


  1. That pizza looks amazing! Just curious... do you make your crust from scratch or use frozen? I've never made homemade pizza but after having some at a friend's house last week and seeing this photo, I think all signs point to me becoming a pizza maker.
    Oh, and Bobby is beautiful, love that smile!

  2. Meredith goats cheese... nothing better in the world of cheese.
    I need to come to your place and get rustic again.

  3. Got your recipe. Thanks a mil for taking the time :-)


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