Sunday, 17 January 2010

Mucking Around On A Sunday Morning

This morning I had fun and revealed probably a bit too much about myself* on the thouroughly entertaining Kerri Sackville's fabulous blog...
LIFE AND OTHER CRISES: Kerri's 30 Second Questionnaire. Take It.
Maybe you might like to pop over there and have a play?

Here are her Q's and my answers:

1. Have you ever faced death, and if so, what did you think about? Last year my car skidded on ice and it became completely uncontrollable. I knew not to touch the brakes but did try to steer but it was impossible, the wheel wrenched from my hands and I hurtled towards and then crashed through a farm fence American-movie-countryside-police-chase style, eveything went in slow motion and all I could think was thank-Buddha this is not a brick wall or a tree! I was shaken, but fine - car not so good.
2.What was the weirdest thing that ever happened to you at school? In primary school another girl and I pretended we were in a trance,** a girl, I did not like very much, came and spat on my face to see if I was bullshitting and I didn't react! I got to spend the afternoon on the "sick" couch because clearly I was MENTAL! The couch was a lovely old Sanderson print one which was on the landing of a beautiful old staircase.
3.Have you ever been desperately envious of someone? Desperately envious of anyone who is not desperately envious of anyone
4.If you met yourself, do you think you would like You? Derrrr...I reckon I would love me. I already love meeting like-minded people and those who share similar characteristics and life experiences 'cause it really does make me feel like I am not a complete freak!
5.If you could only eat one food the rest of your life, what would it be? Salted Cashews
6.Have you ever stolen anything? I think a pot-o-gloss from the chemist at Kew junction when I was about 10? Then I really stepped it up with magazines & books & smokes from my 1st real workplace & and I MAY or may not have pretended to ring up items and pocketed the cash instead a few times! PLEASE don't tell anyone OK? Oh and SORRY old boss : (
7.Rate these in order from hardest to easiest to give up for a year: chocolate, sex, alcohol, mobile phone, TV, computer. Computer, TV, Alcohol, chocolate, sex, mobile phone.
8. If you weren't with your current partner, who would you be with? Are you on drugs?! JOHNNY DEPP

* Seriously why do we spill our guts so easily on this inter-webby thing? I've decided as I am living a fairly isolated life these days, it's my Cafe, or my group of parents standing around outside the school gates waiting to pick up their kids, or my Friday night at the pub.
**No REALLY what's that all about?

I'm happy with the lovely 21 degree sparkly day we've got here.

What about you?


  1. Love your answers! Have spent the past several minutes wondering what on earth your teachers thought of your trance. I think you definitely take out the prize for weirdest thing to happen to anyone at school - and you did it to YOURSELF! LOL xxxxx

  2. Oh believe me, there are MANY MANY more! Catholic girls school run by Nuns - very Brides of Christ and I was hmm, how should I put this?...I tad on the rebellious side ;D

  3. that is so interesting! and last answer I would give exactly same, I love Johnny Deep...

    and similar order in giving up up addictive things... but my would be - computer, chocolate, sex, TV, mobile phone, alcohol...


  4. I love that on my first visit to your blog I already know so much about you. Including the trance bit!! Great questions and great, honest answers. I'm off to read some more of your blog...

  5. Haha that's gold Michele! Luc here


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