Saturday, 30 January 2010

Jam Making and Pot Scrubbing on a Saturday Arvo

I picked all the fabulous deep, burgundy/black, shiny, elderberries from the bushes that are scattered around our place.

My first ever batch of elderberry jam was coming up, some online recipe research and I was ready to go...berries, lemons and their pips, sugar...easy as!
Spending a Saturday afternoon on our fab 42-acre organic farm in pristine Nth West Tassie, looking out the kitchen window at magnificent Mt Roland and making jam.
The simple life, all seems so idyllic and romantic.
I WANT to be a baking/jam making queen, but it seems it just ain't my glass slipper.

Everything was going swimmingly, bubbling away and looking AMAZING...all I did was pop outside for a sec to check on Mr I and his efforts with setting up the new sprinkler in the vegie garden and well, before I knew it...Eau-de-BURNT was coming from the house.
Black tar all over the bottom of my stainless steel pan, SERIOUSLY I could patent this stuff for sealing roads.
I ended up with NO jam for a LOT of mess and one very burnt pan.

More online research on how to remove end-of-the-world-radiation-proof type substance from pots, lead me to boiling up baking powder and water in the pan and scraping with stainless steel implements and finally success...well actually, a bit more scrubbing to come.

So much for stocking the cupboard with scrumptious jam and feeling proud of my providorian skills and making something for almost nothing straight from our garden...all I got was a wasted day and lots of scrubbing!

Think I'll throw some fresh layed eggs, just harvested potatoes, parsley and silver beet in a pan and call it a frittata...

What about you?


  1. bugger
    but for every failure there are a hundred successes waiting for you. don't be disheartened - try again :)

  2. It's that crappy stove of your's. Electric stove tops suck arse...
    Slow gas cook is the way to go. Not your fault love...
    How about some apple jam? No doubt you have TONS of those buggas!!
    Love the pic of Bob with the bowl of elderberries... cuteness personified.

  3. Maybe you should have tried making elderberry wine??

  4. Si Margarita...I'm going to give it a red hot go!


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