Thursday, 10 September 2009

Is It Hereditary?

I was going through some old photos and I came across this one I took of my Nonna and Nonno's grave in the M.G.C. - the good old "dead centre of Melbourne" a few years ago.
I do LOVE the way wogs do graves - a photo or two, a nice bit of marble and a spot for the flowers.

Anywho, the thing that struck me when I looked at the photo, was the choice of roses on one side and Mary on the other. I have no idea who selected these...probably Nonna herself as the grave was originally Nonno's - it took Nonna 40 years to join him!
I must have noticed these things before, but had forgotten all about them.
It struck a chord because I have a thing for roses and Mary...and I've never really worked out why.

I collect old tins with roses and old plastic roses and old pictures and prints of roses, old crockery with roses, actually anything ye-olde with roses and it's stuff does nothing for me.
The Mary thing is also about old...I collect old prints and images of her and I have MANY...WHY? I do not know. I MUST admit she is someone I wouldn't mind sharing a wine or 20 with to get the low-down on what really went down, back in the day. I reckon she'd crack up over the whole "virgin birth" bit and poor old Joseph just getting tagged as the guy who lead the donkey!
I don't do religion (in my book too many wrongs are carried out in its name) yet interestingly, I DO find myself Hail Mary-ing my heart out when the plane I'm on is about to take off or land!
I cannot recall seeing things with roses in Nonna's home or more than a couple of your standard Mary images there either...but when I saw them on the gravestone...I realised there had to be something going on!

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