Saturday, 5 September 2009


Here in Paradise, yes, PARADISE - just outside Sheffield Nth West Tasmania,
Spring has well and truly sprung.
Our family of swallows has returned and are busily preparing a new spit & mud & stick abode for their new arrivals. The flying lessons are my FAVOURITE part of following this close-knit clan's daily life. The little ones crouch on the edge of the nest and Mumma and Dad show them just how it's done...whizzing around and around in a small area in front of the nest. One of the babies always tries to bully the others in to going first and one is always nervous-nellie-last-to-fly...too funny, teetering on the edge almost going and then piking over and over and over again. I don't know if birds can smile but I'm SURE I have seen it, actually more like grinning as soon as they have finished their 1st venture in to the world of flight...they take off again and again and again..."look at meeeeeee! Weeeeeeee!"
Being a lover of Autumn and it's fecundant glory and promise of Winter with its chilly, rugged, slatey greys and sparkling blue always astounds me how Spring surprises me. New life and daffodils, freesias, jonquils and grape hyacinths everywhere. the chooks happy and fluffy-bummed and busy busy busy producing orange yolked eggs.

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