Sunday, 7 June 2009


So, today I played with some of the things I collect. To me it's what makes collecting stuff get to regress, play and organise.
I'm not a very organised, methodical or logical collector. I am quite spasmodic about it. When the bug hits me I go on the hunt and other times I can come across things I collect and just let them go.
I do love my 100% cotton, stripey, rainbow or plain colour sheets from the 60's and early 70's - harder and harder to find and therefore more of a thrill when I do come across them! Old fashioned quilts & eiderdowns are also cherishable items.
Then there is the 100% wool check blanket fascination also from somewhere around the 70's...not quite sure why, but they are truly wonderful and so much warmer than all those hideous plastic, static-electricity-ridden nightmares around now.
One of my most recent collections is a Bambi/fawn theme...I just came across one one day and then I just found myself fancying them a little more each time I stumbled across another in an op, second-hand or junk shop. Now they are a happy little family on the desk.


  1. I love everything in this post. Thanks so much for sending me the link. I have never owned one of those gorgeous quilts but have always wanted one. I have one of those blankets from my childhood in my car incase of fire and those fawns are just too cute. All gorgeous!

  2. how adorable is that little family!
    great collection.

  3. Yep, I'm loving it all too. After the big rain today I'm eying off your blankets for a bit of snuggly Sunday night comfort. Cute little deers too, I have a mad rubber one that is from the same era, I love it! xo

  4. Oh Oh the bambi obsession is spreading! I too have been struck with this fever of late - in fact I see a couple of fawns in your collection that share a resemblance to some i have - do you think it is a conspiracy?

  5. I remember those blankets on my bed when I was a child, mum still has them stashed away in the cupboard I think!

    Thanks for the childhood memory!

  6. Great collections ... eclectic but fun.


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