Sunday, 7 June 2009


So, today I played with some of the things I collect. To me it's what makes collecting stuff get to regress, play and organise.
I'm not a very organised, methodical or logical collector. I am quite spasmodic about it. When the bug hits me I go on the hunt and other times I can come across things I collect and just let them go.
I do love my 100% cotton, stripey, rainbow or plain colour sheets from the 60's and early 70's - harder and harder to find and therefore more of a thrill when I do come across them! Old fashioned quilts & eiderdowns are also cherishable items.
Then there is the 100% wool check blanket fascination also from somewhere around the 70's...not quite sure why, but they are truly wonderful and so much warmer than all those hideous plastic, static-electricity-ridden nightmares around now.
One of my most recent collections is a Bambi/fawn theme...I just came across one one day and then I just found myself fancying them a little more each time I stumbled across another in an op, second-hand or junk shop. Now they are a happy little family on the desk.