Sunday, 5 April 2009

Late Night Musing

Watching Lawrence Leung programming Rage - he's ever so slightly annoying, BUT it's causing some bizzare flashbacks!
Pretty in Pink (hello Ducky) and Breakfast Club and then jumped to Recovery and the amazing "where-did-HE-come from" sizzling presence that is Dylan Lewis and my almost religious addiction to watching even though it was my kids who shoulda been and then that led my sozzled brainage (somehow) to Ye-olde-Prince of Wales (POW St Kilda)...I DON'T KNOW...just some booze induced sad old reminiscing I guess...I'm talking pre MINK...the fabulous BOYS bar...pool room out the back...Sailors!..Buzz Club...Oh St Kilda...changes through the ages with memories for ALL!

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